Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Other Day

On Saturday evening, Amanda and I went to IKEA and Value Village. At IKEA, she purchased a lamp and I purchased a tasty vanilla ice cream cone.

At Value Village, she bought a whackload of crap because she loves everything, which is pretty awesome. Me, I like select pieces of awesome that will become beautiful additions to my room.

I intended to hit up a birthday/Halloween party in Gatineau, so I was frantically searching for a costume. I really wanted to be a Power Ranger. When we were done at Value Village and went our separate ways, I called my friend to say that I'd be late, and he said that it wasn't really worth making the long [and expensive by taxi] trek, because not many people were showing up. This saddened me, but I chose to save the large amount of money I'd be spending on a taxi that night, and we will hang out soon.

Thankfully, I had not gone all out with a costume. I ended up purchasing only a Power Rangers mask, because the store had NOTHING that would work as the rest of the outfit. I created the ensemble at home, and it looked a little something like this:

NOTE: I look like the fattest Power Ranger ever, because I'm wearing baggy pants and a very tight but awesome shirt. Yes... that's it... blame the clothes. Heh heh.

Also, I stumbled about this brilliant find. For $0.99, its purchase was required. It'll let you marvel in its beauty.

As if this picture isn't great enough, I came across this gem as I was typing this blog. It seems that the word Gatineau does not exist in the automatic dictionary thing. What are the suggested replacements, you ask?

Sweatiness. Meatiness. Patine. Palatine.

Monday, October 29, 2007

The First Snow

Yesterday, snow fell in Ottawa for the first time. It wasn't much and it certainly didn't stay on the ground, but it fell and it was lovely.

Today, I slept until my body decided it was done. Those are the best days. I packed up my laundry and headed on over to Andrew's place, where I dumped it all over his kitchen floor.

Laundry is $12 cheaper at Andrew's place [when I have three loads] so it is well worth the bus trip and the time spent here with him. He's not here right now, but he's on his way home from work. Then he will stop to pick up some supper and a new ice cube tray because I noticed that his is broken and notified him immediately. We like our ice water.

To pass a few moments, I took these pictures...

... of Andrew's cat Tigger...

... and of his brand new balcony...

... and of that balcony's view on what is a crisp, cool day in Ottawa, looking West.

Friday, October 26, 2007

The Works

I decided that you would like to see what it looks like outside my window during the day. Here it is, just for you!

Last night, Andrew took me to the greatest burger restaurant ever. I frigging loved it. I had an organic beef burger covered with peppercorns, gouda and smoked bacon, with mashed potatoes and a root beer float. Awesome!

This morning, I had my stats test, which was going very well until time ran out. On everyone. I think its pretty unfair that the entire class didn't have time to finish. I blew through the last question in 30 seconds, just making up answers. I could have used about 10 minutes to do the question properly.

And now, just because I wanted to, its a disturbing composite of myself as a 4 year old sketch and a 19 year old human.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Great Outdoors

Not a lot happens outside my window at 2am, but the lamp sure makes for some pretty green.

I had a really boring day today. I did so little. There was just nothing.

However, I did finally get around to taking a picture of the pictures on my wall. Last year, I had a massive photo wall with over 200 pictures perfectly laid out. This year, I don't have the allotted wall space for such a project, and I didn't really want to recreate it either. However, I get my digital pictures developed once a month, and I like to display those pictures for the interim month. I was looking for a way to display them that was a bit less orderly than last year, but I wanted an easy way to swap them out every month. I also didn't want to be left with stickiness on the backs like those 200+ pictures from last year.

Then, Natasha came along. She gave me the wonderful idea of using scrapbook photo corners to put the pictures on the wall. They go on and come off easily with no marks left on the walls. Now I can swap the pictures in and out each month, and if I need more or less I can adjust things accordingly with very little problem.

Of course, as a gay man, I just happened to have scrapbook photo corners lying around. With much credit to Natasha, here is a low-quality photo of my other photos! [These being from Aug-Sept]. They accompany my coaster border nicely.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Assignments, Round II

Three assignments due in two days. They are finished, and the third one isn't even due until Thursday afternoon!

Today, I did a total of 36 pages of assignments. I got 4 hours of sleep last night. Then, I woke up at 7am for class from 8:30-10. I spent the next hour in a computer lab and then the school library [which has opened a Second Cup, which makes me ask how that works in conjunction with the library's No Food and Drink policy ;) ].

I headed home, content with the rain pouring down on me. Smiling actually. The feeling of raining pouring down my almost-hairless head, down my face. A cool rain on a warm day... beautiful. No umbrella necessary.

I whipped up some delicious pasta for lunch and then wrote about two pages of my first assignment. I then fell asleep for two hours. Over the next 4 hours, I toiled patiently and resulted in a 22 page Annotated Bibliography. When I finished, I bested Tim in two games of darts, now that we have out board up. He was cocky that he practiced for two hours the other night. I guess practice isn't everything when you're just whipping the darts at random!

After this, I cooked up some pork chops and relaxed for several hours. At 10:30pm, I napped for two more hours while The Simpsons played in the background, attempting to influence my dreams. When I woke up at 12:30, I decided that it was time to work on my final project of the week. Less than three hours later, I'm left with 14 pages on the subject of Vegetation Indices (which is basically the mapping of vegetation with satellites).

Now, I am watching another episode or two of The Simpsons while I wind down from a long day of class, naps and 36 pages of work. I'm proud of myself today.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Mice

My life is becoming a rodent infestation. This is not good.

Tonight, I went to Andrew's for dinner. He made a 'normal salad' as I call it. You see, I don't like salads with fancy ingredients like nuts or fruit or some sort of pear dressing on top. I like my salad to be lettuce [or spinach, which he used], chunks of tomato, peppers, cucumber, and maybe some cheese, croutons, celery and broccoli. Top it with some Italian or Ranch dressing, and I'm a happy boy. [Sorry mom, but I hate your fancy salads].

So Andrew made a normal salad as I requested [Thank you!] as well as risotto and some delicious chicken. I poured the water, and we ate our lovely meal. Afterwards, I managed to fall asleep somehow, and when I was finally awake and coherent again, he cut my hair which was long overdue... we realized that it has probably been a month since the last time!

I had a fast shower to get all the hair off me, then I ran out so we could watch Heroes, which was good as usual! I stuck around for another hour or two, and then I tried to bussed home. My normal trip takes me to St Laurent mall on the 5, and then the 95 to my place. Total travel time: 30 minutes. However, the bus Gods frowned upon me tonight for some unknown reason, and the 5 never came. I was forced to walk down the hill and wait 20 minutes for the 2 to take me downtown to the Rideau Center. Then, I waited a very long time to finally grab a 95 to my place. Total travel time? 80 minutes. That's right, an extra 50 minutes of joyous waiting. In 80 minutes, I could have traveled by car from my apartment to my mom's house in Renfrew.

While waiting for the bus, I counted at least 7 mice roaming around the street near the bus shelter. I was thoroughly disgusted; especially since they were brave enough to get within 2 feet of me. However, this is not as disgusting as the mouse or mice which have been eating my pasta. Twice now, I've opened the cupboard to find an entire bag of pasta completely emptied out. Just gone. Bye bye pasta. Why are these mice eating my food and not Tim's? Or why not the food in the other 20 floors of apartments? Something will have to be done...


Just for fun, here is a picture I coloured last night during a stint of pure boredom. I call him Fox Cop:

Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Blind Date

Friday night I met Andrew and his friends Dave and Sara at the Royal Oak on Bank. The place was packed, so we were congregated at the bar waiting for a table to open up. While there, we met a clearly drunk woman named Jenn. A table cleared right behind where she was sitting at the bar, so we moved there and told her we'd keep an eye on her blind date.

The guy showed up. A cop named Sheldyn. I thought they were physically a good match, and it looked like they were getting along great. After about an hour, they were leaving to go back to her place which was just down the street, and Jenn told us that they were just going to have a couple glasses of wine, but he wasn't her type. [Especially since we learned that she has a boyfriend, and really, she was more into the firefighter she slept with the night before]. Cheaters love the emergency men.

So the four of us continued to have some fun, and 40 minutes later, I saw Sheldyn walking down the street on the phone. Clearly things didn't go well and he was looking for something better to do. We were curious, so we called Jenn since she had given Andrew her phone number. She came back to join us for the evening, and told us that she told him he wasn't her type. What a horrible person, taking him back to her place just to say that!? So we had another drink, and then we headed where else? A strip club.

So there we were. A married man, two gay guys and two women at the second trashiest strip club in Ottawa [sorry Vanier]. We had some fun. They are honestly such a bizarre little world. The only thing I hate about strip clubs is that the waitresses are so freaking pushy LOL

Later, we wound up a Swizzles, the gay karaoke bar. I don't really like this place. Its weird. But I made sure we only stayed for one drink, and I did see my first ever in-person drag queen which was an experience LOL

Yesterday, I had a quiet day. I was so cool on a Saturday night... a nap from 7-9, and then I did an assignment. But I've still got two more of those to do for this week, so I'm not really ashamed that I got 1/3 or my workload done.

Friday, October 19, 2007

The 10 Day Weekend

Today is Day 7 of my 10 Day Weekend. Normally I would have Sat-Mon off from school, but this week I was sick, so I took off Tuesday and Wednesday. Yesterday, I was at school for one hour to write a midterm, and I just don't think that is long enough to count it as a day. Today is uOttawa Day, for all the little kiddies to come check out the campus, so we have the day off. Sadly, it is raining today so they wont be having a very good time [unlike the blast I had 4 years ago when Lindsay and I came down with my sister AKA the uOttawa pro HAHA]. Add all that to my upcoming usual 3 Day weekend, and you've got yourself 10 Days of awesomeness!

On Wednesday night, Andrew, Mando and I headed on down to the Bronson Center to enjoy a beautiful evening of acoustic listening provided by a lovely female duo from Toronto, and then, Matt Good! He was so awesome, and he played Load Me Up which made me so happy!

Yesterday was a fun day. The first full day I've been out and about since last Saturday, since I was so crippled by sickness. After my midterm, I met Andrew at the Rideau Center for the most delicious pizza... it is expensive, but it is incredible thick pizza and comes with salad and a drink and garlic bread and it is all incredible. They forgot our garlic bread, but we didn't bother complaining. It is more than enough food anyway.

Next, we went to Bank St. to pick up a package that I missed the delivery of [which is a bit ridiculous since I was at home for days]. The guy said I needed ID with my current address, which I have none of. I was mad, since I don't live close, and I was NOT going back to get something. However, I saw Scotiabank and used my quick thinking to go get a statement of account, which was acceptable because it had my new address on it. Then, we took a stroll on Bank St. and wandered into some awesome antique/old crap stores. We saw some incredible things, but sadly no purchases.

We came back to my place and Andrew had a nap while I waited for Momma to call. She's in Ottawa for the week with her co-worker Susan. At the end of this week, she will be able to sell Home Insurance, which is awesome [She's worked at The Co-Operators for 4 or 5 years selling car and travel insurance]. This will make her more valuable at work [even though she already is... its a small office and she's been there the longest, even longer than the boss, since there was some reshuffling in the Co-Operators offices of the Ottawa valley a year ago LOL. I'm so proud of her... she's worked so hard to keep advancing in her job. Always studying for courses to improve her skills. ............. Wow this was a big tangent. The four of us went for supper at Mexicali Rosa's which was so delicious, and we had an absolute riot... 4 funny people makes for a great night!

Today I slept until 1:30 which is fine because it downpoured all morning [apparently!]. This afternoon, I've been listening to the large amount of songs I've downloaded lately. I'm anal about my music collection's organization, so I need to make sure all the songs work properly before I put them in their proper folders. At 5, I'm heading to the Royal Oak to meet Andrew and his friends for drinks [And I'm currently starving myself because I want a club sandwich HAHA].

I'll have a drink for you all tonight!

Monday, October 15, 2007

The Health Update

I went to the clinic. I have strep throat. Boo.

The Sickness

Friday night was the first of three days of competition for Greek Olympics. Every year, the 15 fraternities and sororities in Ottawa compete in a series of sports during the day and drinking games at night. Friday night was an awesome time, and I saw so many people that I haven't seen in months, which was really great.

Saturday, I planned on skipping the day events because I had to do an assignment for Monday, and it was the only time I had for it. Andrew came over and read comic books while I did the assignment since we hadn't been able to hang out for a while. We had fun haha. I had til 9 or 10 before needing to go to the night events of Greek O, so we went to school to drop of my assignment, and then headed out to South Keys. I bought a camera case, and then we went to Montana's for supper which was SO DELICIOUS. We went to Loblaws and got me a nice load of groceries, and then we were back to my place.

While we were at South Keys, I started feeling bad. I decided not to go to the Greek O events that night, and I got more and more sick as the night went on. I would sleep for no more than 30 minutes at a time. I was hot AND freezing and my throat hurt and no matter how many jugs of water I chugged, I wasn't getting hydrated at all.

This sleeping on and off has gone on for about 24 hours now, although I do feel like I'm getting a bit better, and I hope it continues like that. My temperature has become regulated, and I just slept for 2 solid hours [although at this point, I'm sure that I will go through waking and sleeping all night, since I've gotten so much sleep in 24 hours.

Obviously, I didn't go to the Greek O events today either. Oh well. There's always next year. The one good thing about being sick is that I watched the 6th season of The Simpsons on DVD haha. Good times.

Oh, also, Andrew came by this afternoon to get me some medicine and a muffin [the muffin being the most bizarre request ever in my mind. But boy, did I ever want it! haha].

I hope everyone else is doing well and had a good weekend!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Election

Folks, Ontario Election and Referendum Day is upon us, and it is time for you to get out there and vote! You know you got your voter information card in the mail [hell, I got three!] and it really doesn't take too much time to make yourself heard.

Make sure you take the time today, Wednesday, to go to your local elementary school or church or other designated polling station [mine happens to be down the hall in my apartment building. Score!] as stated on your card, and help mold the future of our lovely province!

Do you not know who you're voting for? Do you not understand the referendum question? Look it up! Information on the Referendum to decide which voting system should be used in the future can be found HERE. Make a good decision on this; it will affect how we choose our provincial government in the future, and that could be very good, or very bad! To find information on who you are voting for in your riding, go to the Elections Ontario site and find out who they are. Then, since you're already on the internet, find out what these people want to do for you and your community.

Get out there and vote, people. If you don't, you're not allowed to complain!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Mando Evening

On Sunday night, after a day full of things that I didn't bother to talk about in my previous post because I did so much this weekend that I forgot half of it, I went to Tim Hortons with Mando. We had much fun, although we didn't see anyone we knew to talk to. Also, we had no third person to join in the conversation, but Mr. Shoe Head visited for a minute, and so did Big Baggy Schelly [not to be confused with Big Belly Schelly aka No Belly Schelly].

After we were sufficiently bored, we decided to do something else. BUT WHAT!? Who do we know AND like?


We went to visit the young man in question, and we had a lovely, lovely chat with him and his girlfriend Robin who we met. Ah yes. Good chat. The best part of the night was probably when we somehow got onto the topic of both milk and Oprah. You just KNOW that this conversation resulted in Oprah being milked for profit. 24/7. Good times. WITH MANDO!

The Thanksgiving

This weekend was awesome.

Friday night, I was tired, so after eating some yummy pizza with Momma, I just stayed home and eventually went to bed.

Saturday, I woke up to my mother calling me downstairs for lunch. Darrell BBQed sausages. They were VERY good. I went to my grandma's house for a little visit and to roll her change because she had TONS of change and well, it needed to be rolled. I enjoyed this because 1. I love my grandma and 2. I love rolling change for some reason [although I love my grandma more]. My aunt Donna Lynn brought her kids over for supper, and we had a lovely time.

After supper, I was FULL and TIRED. We sat around for a good while and chatted, and then I headed on over to Lindsay's to drink. She made this face:

[Stephanie straightens Lindsay's hair. But I'm sure you could see that.]

I passed the time by drinking some delicious Canadian amaretto. Buy Canadian!

[It was McGuinness Amaretto Dell Amorosa, to be exact]

We headed on down to Finnigan's, where there was much fun to be had. I will never ever go to the stupid curly haired waitress again though. You know the one. She was wearing pink. And is not very nice. Ya, that's the one. I tipped her poorly. Especially since my drink was 50 cents more expensive the second time I went to her. This picture of Tyler and I is the only one that got taken at Finnigan's, which I find kind of insane.

[Tyler and Michael say Happy Thanksgiving Finnigan's!]

After the bar, we all headed to Subway, of course. There, Lindsay met Tyler for the second time that night, and she only asked what his name was about 47 times. And then she asked again on Monday. What a girl.

[A bad picture of their second meeting. She's probably asking what his name is. It is still Tyler.]

After all the fun and excitement, I went home, only to be woke up a few hours later on Sunday by my mother. It was noon, and time to go downstairs for french toast and bacon. I went downstairs, but lost 30 mins in the process. I thought I went right down, but when I got downstairs, it was 12:20 and mom and Darrell had already finished eating and were ready to go for a walk. There was food waiting for me though, so everything was fine!

We drove to Chapeau, Quebec to my aunt Frances' gorgeous house, where you are only allowed to have a good time. Honestly, I've never not had a blast at her house. The meal was amazing, and the family was awesome. I love them so much. I enjoyed that my third cousins Sarah and Ian were there... I never seen them much, but they rock [especially now that Ian isn't the jerk he used to be haha]. At the end of the day, I came away with a full pumpkin pie to bring back to Ottawa, and this beautiful picture:

[Alison, Momma and Me]

Monday, I had lunch at my dad's, and I finally saw my new little half-sister [I mean, she's really small, so its half HAHA] Angela. She's cute but loves to cry when I go near her, so I could only hold her when she was sleeping. After lunch, it was back to Ottawa.

Friday, October 5, 2007

The Bizarre Exchange

As I walked across campus today, two women walked by in the opposite direction. This is what I heard [NOTE: the women were East-Indian, so there was an accent]:

Short woman: "You pay for that?"

Large woman: "Yes, for looking where's my teet, and everything like that. Forty-two dollars."


I have had two great nights in a row. On Wednesday, I got together with Erin and her roommate and Max, and we had a lovely little birthday celebration for Erin. We had a delicious 'cake' which was actually a batch of cookie dough formed into a cake shape, backed a bit, and topped with cream cheese icing. It was beautiful. Later in the evening, we went to the Earl of Sussex [on Sussex] which is the most incredible pub I've ever been to. It was SO MUCH FUN. The bartender was hilarious, and he made me a delicious Manhattan [after he accidentally spilled one all over Erin and Max HAHA. So funny!]

Last night's fun times included a few drinks at the Royal Oak with Andrew and his friends Brooke and Kathryn. It was good times. Then, Andrew and I headed to his place, and a while later Brooke returned with John [after he was finished an exam] and we had good times!

Now, I'm just minutes away from being off to Renfrew for more good times! Huzzah!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Bad And The Good

So, the other day, I was deleting a file that I no longer had use for. I highlighted it. I pushed SHIFT so it would bypass the recycle bin, and I clicked delete. As I clicked deleted, I noticed that my folder of all my university projects and notes were also highlighted, and were being deleted along with the file.


I tried several programs that promised to retrieve my files, but it never worked.

This is where the good comes in. It was possibly a stupid idea and a waste of time to make that website with all of my school stuff the other day, but it saved me. I wasn't able to get my notes back, but now I have all my assignments again. Pretty happy that I got some of those things back.

I did also lose some home movies [mainly ones from residence] but I will live with that. Somehow.