Friday, September 28, 2007

The Rude Girl

Welcome, welcome. I hope you all enjoy my new heading picture. I was sitting in a particularly boring Remote Sensing class yesterday [there was someone sitting beside Phil, which left me sitting not beside him. Boo]. I was watching the slides go by. 87 slides. 87. And then, this precious gem comes up. One of the slides has a picture of a wheat field. A beautiful picture. One that would work so perfectly with the picture of me playing outside that I saved it to my memory stick IMMEDIATELY. When I got home, I edited the pictures together, and I believe that this glorious field is officially the only thing that my self-portrait shall ever be allowed to be attached to. He will stand alone on a white background as he was made, or he can stand near the field.

I have to mention this bag. I love this bag. You can buy this bag for $0.99 at your nearest Loblaws store or one of its affiliates [such as no frills, for you Renfrew readers].

When I see this bag, it makes me happy. I am seeing more and more of them each day, and I smile when I see them, because it shows me that people are using the bag, and that they care about the environment.

Brilliantly, the bags are made of recycled plastic bottles, and are durable, as well as an environmentally friendly carrying solution for your grocery shopping AND MORE! I personally have three of them, and when combined with my school bag, they are more than enough to help me transport my groceries.

Of course, you may forget to take the bags with you to the store on occasion, or you may want to do a load of groceries and get the flimsy plastic bags that are free from the store to use as garbage bags at home, but I suggest that everyone buy these bags! Save my planet, please :)

Finally, I will move on to something less pleasant. Today while I was on the bus, I clearly stood near the door because I would only be going two stops. Then, when my stop was next, I moved right up to the door, since I would be getting out. Then, before the bus has even stopped [which means the door can't be opened] this horribly rude girl said "EXCUSE ME!" and sort of pushed me out of the way so she could get off the bus first. I was annoyed, but it did not end there.

The girl was ultimately slow going up the 42 steps from the Transitway to the street level where my building is. I hoped that the girl wasn't going to my building, but she was. I tried to walk quickly so the door would close and she'd have to dig for her own keys [if you can't be nice to me, I wont be nice to you. I didn't get there in time, so I held the door for her. I also held the next door for her. She did not say 'Thank you'. This annoys me, because I am always very polite in situations like this, and I really don't think it takes too much effort to do things such as thanking a door holder, or saying hi to the bus driver. They are just nice things to do.

So I hung out at home for a few hours and watched The Shining. It was the first time I've ever seen it... it was pretty good! When it finished, I headed back to school for my next class. Again, I stood at the door of the bus... beside the rude girl. This bus was a bit different, so we were both able to get off at the same time rather than one at a time. But then, it turned out she was going into the same building as me, right behind me. This time when I held another TWO doors for her, I looked her right in the eye and smiled, and again, nothing.

I want to know how one person can be so rude to the same stranger at three different doorways in one day. It is pure craziness!


natasha boulanger said...

I would have kicked her right in the cunt. Those bags are way cool and if I can see any of them I will use them! I love the new playing outside picture it makes my heart swell with joy and the smell of Halloween.

i am playing outside said...

im glad you like the new picture :)

i friggin love it, and cant believe it wasnt always that way. i kind of always felt that it was missing a little something

Stacy said...

If I was you, by the third door I would have sweetly yet firmly told her "YOU'RE WELCOME, my pleasure."

I love those bags too. This is the thing though...I used the old ones to pick up Cashius' poo, so now I have to BUY bags to pick up poo. Although the ones I buy are smaller and break down quicker...still it's a bit of a pill to swallow.

i am playing outside said...

ahh... there is indeed a downside to not having any more plastic bags. i believe most people DO find other uses for them, but smaller bags are definitely better than big ones! maybe you can train Cash to use a toilet hehe