Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Renfrew Fair

Friday was my first official day of class. Stats seemed decent. The teacher was nice [He's not a prof, he's a grad student or something. His name is Vladan, so that's cool]. I know one person in the class from last year, but I don't remember his name, so I can never speak to him HAHA. Next I had Personality Psych in the BEAUTIFUL new Desmarais building that cost $80 Million. Money well spent? Probably not. But I get to go to 20% of my classes in style! The prof only kept us for 13 minutes, which was such a waste of time. It did let me go buy my book though. I got there fast and got one of the 8 used copies they had, thus saving me $50. Yay!

After book buying, I went to get a bus pass for the semester, and it looks a little something like this:

[Crappy picture. Sorry]

With my bus pass in hand, I hopped on The OC to Fallowfield where I met Heather. We rocked out to Taylor Swift, Rodney Atkins, and Brad Paisley, and it was friggin' awesome! I love country music so much!

After the concert, Heather dropped my off at the bus station where I met Andrew. We took the 12:15am bus to Renfrew and the next day, we headed to the Renfrew Fair! Woo!

The fair was decent. It was not incredible. I spent the night with Andrew, Michelle, Alison and Steph. I also met Tyler, and that was quite possibly the best part of the fair, because he friggin' rocks and we are talking on MSN right now. RIGHT NOW I SAY! He rocks because we have realized that I am him 9 years later. It is very fun.

I ate the following amazing fair foods: a lemonade, two cinnamon buns, a bacon on a bun, a piece of fudge, and a double rye and coke. This list also includes the mickey of CC that I poured into a bottle of Coke. Do you know how much Coke you need to pour out before the mickey fits in the bottle? HAHA

On Sunday, we had a lovely breakfast of French toast and then it was back to Ottawa for us in the afternoon. I had no class on Monday, and quite frankly I don't remember what I did at all, even though it was just yesterday. Oh well.

Today I went to my Geography of Polar Regions class, which I know a bunch of people in. I sat with Phil and Dave as I'm sure I will all semester. It was so nice to see them again after 4 months!

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