Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Power Outage

Today, the building's power was shut off for maintenance. I woke up about one minute before this happened, so I was able to watch. It was sad. Goodbye clock. Goodbye computer. Goodbye fans. I did not feel like going to school today because I didn't sleep well, so I decided that it was a day off. I didn't want to sit at home all day in the silent boredom, so I went out. I was going to create a map of where in the city I went, but it was kind of annoying and I covered enough land that it would be too small to enjoy, so I did not do it. Instead, I have numbered the events for you to enjoy.

[1] I took the 97 to campus to pick up my OSAP. I already got it in August, but they reassessed my file because I made less money this summer than planned, and they decided that I deserve another $900 which is awesome. The guy in the office was the same stupid guy that game me my first installment, and I just knew it wouldn't end well. He couldn't grasp the concept that I was reassessed, and he told me to bring in the email so he could look at it. Grr.

[2] I took the 97 from campus all the way to South Keys and I went to FutureShop. I bought a fantastic new camera, which I normally wouldn't do because I don't spend a lot of money on myself, but my camera was alwyas a piece of crap, so I decided that it was replacement time. I love my new camera. [FUN NOTE: My cousin has shown interest in buying the old camera for $100. Yay!]

[3] I walked to the South Keys stop and was about to get on a 97 to go home, but then I had an idea! With no power, I had no way to cook any of my food for lunch. I got on some sort of 124 or something like that, and I got off at the next stop.

[4] From Greenboro, I hoped on the O-Train [yay!] and took it down to Carling, where I walked to Andrew's building for lunch. I was his first guest ever, even though he's worked there for more than a year! The pizza was delicious, the tour was of an old government building, the co-workers were decent, and the security guard was a moron. I also used Andrew's computer [remember: mine had no power] to print off my OSAP information.
[5] I went back to Carling and O-Trained to Bayview, where I helped a guy find his way to the 95. Twice. But I was happy to help.

[6] I took the 95 back to campus. When I got off, I saw the OSAP idiot man get off the bus behind me. It was a race to the office, and I was definitely in the lead. I showed up, and I was 16th in line. 15th. 14th. 11th. 9th. The man arrived. Frig! I knew that I would get him again, but then... a nice lady called me over. Huzzah! The nice lady immediately told me that my money had been released on Sunday, but that meant that the papers had to be printed in Thunder Bay and then mailed to Ottawa. She also told me that the idiot man should have told me this, and that he is an idiot man [now I'm paraphrasing].

[7] I walked to the campus stop, and I got very unlucky with the fact that class had just ended, so I was in for a bit of a wait. Luckily, Matt N showed up, so I had someone to chat with. Eventually, I was on the 96 home.

[8] I walked into my silent apartment at 2:50. I lay down on the bed, just about to start opening my new camera, when BAM! Everything turned on! POWER! Excellent timing :)

Andrew came over for the evening, and we made corn on the cob and Shake 'N' Bake chicken, which he says he's never had and I think that's a heinous lie! We also played around with my camera a bit, and we watched the Big Brother finale. Yay Dick!


natasha boulanger said...

1. Another 900$ awesome
2. New camera awesome
3. That sounds fun
4. Piiiizzzaa.. awesome.
5. Helping people is good
6. Nice lady 1- Idiot man 0
7. Matt N seems nice
8. Ooooh power

Who has not had shake and bake?

The power outage sounds sad. It's like a George Orwell version of Goodbye Moon.

i am playing outside said...

woah i would love to read that! hehe

Anonymous said...

It so was my first Shake 'n' Bake experience! Why would I lie about that?