Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Penelopiad

This will be quick because I am off to bed.

Today, Erin and I went to the NAC to see Margaret Atwood's new play which is adapted from her book, The Penelopiad. It was an excellent play... the cast was 13 women, so there was a bit of non-hot lesbian action, but it was pretty cool. and at one point, the floor opened up into a shallow pool, which they used for numerous different events. It pretty much rocked.

Today was high school day at the NAC, but the kids were decently well behaved. After laughing at "breast" and "bitch, and then some minor gasps at the first instance of lesbian crotch groping, they settled down and let us and the old ladies in the back enjoy the play [which was $10 each, thanks to Live Rush tickets! Oh the perks of being a student!].

We went for lunch at Elephant & Castle afterwards which was quite delicious and the service was excellent. Well done, E&C.

Tonight, Andrew and I watched the Heroes premiere which was pretty good... its clearly a buildup of better things to come, and that excites me. I then came home and finished my day by doing some Stats homework and I read 30 pages about ice core drilling. A fun-filled day for sure. Goodnight everyone!


natasha boulanger said...

Wow that play sounds fantastic. Heroes was pretty great I thought, I like the uber cute floating boy Claire met. He's cute and I like him. Peter is all messed up but alive thank god.

mando said...

as if you saw that without me you jerk

i am playing outside said...


also, i forgot to mention that i bought the ticket for Andrew because he was supposed to have the day off, but then he had a job interview so i had to scramble to find someone else