Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Omegas Return

Last night was the first event of the year for my fraternity. It was our semi-annual event at the campus sports bar for potential new guys to come out and meet us and see what we're all about. We had 5 guys show up and they all seemed pretty decent. It was a great night. And the bartender forgot all about me twice so he didn't charge me for my drinks! Sweet!

[A glimpse of Omega fun: Me with Dexter and Jessica in April. Just for the record, Dexter is really short, and Jessica is tall but she's leaning. I'm not some gigantic freakshow.]

Today I woke up to Andrew calling. He is my new wakeup call, and a surefire way for me to get up in the morning and go to class. The system is already working! It was my first Remote Sensing class, which was pretty hard. The first 90 minutes were 85 slides involving a lot of stuff that went by really fast. [The time didn't go fast. Just the info]. After that, Prof. English Is My Third Language left, and the TA came in and helped us with our first assignment, which was pretty confusing. By the end of the class, it seemed that I was the only person who had a decent grasp on the concept, which scares me! That's someone else's job!

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