Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Move

Andrew and I went for breakfast at Zak's which was very delicious, although kind of annoying because there was a stupid family with parents who let their child scream as if they didn't notice. Once, the kid even threw a cup with was loud and it knocked a sharp knife flying. Not cool. Note to idiots: go away from me!

Jeff and Trish stopped in to say hi for a few minutes, as did Mike and Virginia, which passed my last few hours at 39 Stewart kind of like how they started [well, how the first few days there started]. Moving took 4 hours, after a long ridiculous wait at the U-Haul depot, which even had a bit of a verbal encounter between two U-Haulin' Men. The painters were still doing their thing and the carpets had yet to be cleaned, so we put all of our stuff in the sun room to wait for the carpets to be done.

That night was Tim's birthday party which was fun fun fun, and I got nicely drunk and then spent the night at Andrew's.

We were off to Andrew's parents' trailer at the RCMP Camp, but first we ate breakfast and then post-breakfast naps. Those are pretty sweet. We spent the night relaxing at the trailer, but we didn't take any warm clothes [My stuff was still all packed, so that's my excuse!] so we stayed inside and watched the only DVD they had in the trailer [NOTE: The trailer is better than my apartment] which was Season 3 of Corner Gas. I had always been anti-Corner Gas, but I love it now. I'm so happy to love yet another Canadian thing!

We ate a late breakfast and then enjoyed some lengthy post-breakfast naps. This trend could really catch on! Especially since it was beautiful outside naps on lawn chairs ... you know ... those long ones that you can nap in. I've definitely not had a nap where I'm on display to many strangers in quite a long time ... possibly since I fell asleep at a cocktail party in Chicago like 10 years ago. That afternoon, we watched the rest of the Corner Gas episodes that we didn't get through the night before [I will have to download the other seasons] then we ate a lovely dinner, and then I came back to my brand new apartment! That night, I spent 7 hours setting up all my my furniture and my random junk. I have to say, i absolutely LOVE the apartment, and I REALLY LOVE the fact that right down the hall, there is a pizza place which is open late every night, and a convenience store. I don't even have to go outside!

I met Jeff and Trish at the Royal Oak on Laurier and we had a lovely lunch. Then I came home and hoped in the car with Tim and his parents and we hit up IKEA to buy all of the housey things we needed. The rest of the day was spent finishing the rest of my room setup, and getting everything up on the very bare, very white walls. The apartment looks good! My room looks the best, of course. Doesn't it always?

Was See People From First Year Day. I saw Derek in the hall and apparently he lives on the 4th floor of this building, and then I saw Caundy and Sumaiyah at Wal*Mart. Oh 8th Floor Thompson ... I miss you!

We went to Wal*Mart to pick up the few things that IKEA couldn't provide. This was after we trucked on over to Loblaws and spent copious amounts of money on groceries. We both moved in with nothing to eat, so a grocery trip was very important!

In the evening, Mando and I ate some pizza from DOWN THE HALL! [That will never get old] and then we bussed to Preston St. to the Absolute Comedy club, where we saw a beautiful night of awesome funniness. Except for this one guy who people pretty much didn't like. Woops! It was a great time, and the headliner was Debra Di Giovanni from Video On Trial and Last Comic Standing. Good times.

Finally, when we were waiting for the O-Train, we got totally screwed over. The train came, and this one girl on the end got on, and the middle door was out of order [signs told us this] so we went to the end opposite the one the girl got on at, and we were trying to open the door and it wouldn't, and then quickly the train started pulling away. I have NEVER seen the train arrive and then leave so quickly. I definitely think something was up! Note to O-Train Conductors: don't be jerks!


So that is it for today. Tomorrow I start my 3rd year of university with a lovely 3 hour Remote Sensing class. Good times. Everyone should come visit me in my sweet new place, but bring your cell phone when you come because we do not have a call number, so if you're trying to get in, you're going to have to have us come get you, or you'll have to wait to sneak in behind someone else [Which really wont be too hard, because there are at least 1000 people who live in this building!]

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