Monday, September 24, 2007

The Hershey Weekend

This weekend was the weekend that Mando and I have been planning for months. We were originally supposed to go to the Hershey Factory in Smiths Falls in June, but then we got jobs and that couldn't happen. We finally went [and Michelle came along, yay!].

The drive there was fun, as you will see in the video below. So many farms. And Carleton Place!

The tour itself was a bit lacklustre; it was Saturday, so there weren't very many employees working or machines operating. What WAS operating was the machines that you could barely see from the tour area. Boo. But I got to see a massive vat of chocolate being stirred, so I was happy!

The gift shop was, of course, the best part of being there. I've never seen so many adults clamoring over shelves of candy before. And there weren't many kids there! ITS A FREAKING CHOCOLATE FACTORY! I bought the following list of items. Don't judge me.

> chocolate covered almonds
> kisses [in silver, red and orange foil]
> an Oh Henry milkshake, because I was thirsty
> a cherry blossom, because I've never had one
> and finally, the best thing ever... a case of 48 Peanut Butter Cups! ... and just to clarify, it is 48 of the three-in-a-pack ones.

As many people know, I am hopelessly in love with Reese. I could be their ultimate spokesperson. Not buying this case would have been the most crushing moment of my life. It had to be done!

Don't worry... I will do my best to eat them slowly. I still haven't opened the case yet, because I don't want to ruin its current perfection.

And now, here is the video I put together from the weekend. It includes the drive to Smiths Falls, a stop at the scenic lookout at Burnstown, fun times at Tim Hortons and Subway [where we ran into Elyse, Joe, Richo, Lily and Chelsey] and a closing shot of my Momma cutting up some peppers. What a great weekend!


natasha boulanger said...

I am still expecting my chocolate bar in the mail. You bastard. Haha I'm joking except not really.

i am playing outside said...


Stacy said...

Well done video. My favourite part was the shots of you and your friends at the end. Best of all was the last shot of your mom...random and beautiful.

i am playing outside said...

:) i'm really glad you like it... honestly, all i did was line up all my pictures and videos in chronological order. then, i found the 5 songs i had that were the exact video length, and i chose that song from the Amelie soundtrack because it worked the best!