Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Fire Alarm

So I'm on the bus to class yesterday [Personality Psych in the new building] and when we're pulling up to the stop, I notice that the corner outside the building is PACKED with people. PACKED. So I wander over and see fire trucks, which lets me know that there was an alarm [I am very clever, you see]. So I stand there for a little bit with the others, and since the building was basically built on the entire block, there is very little space for all the people to stand, and the street is no good because buses are whipping down the Transitway. About 10 minutes into class, we finally went inside.

Once inside, our prof discovered that the fire alarm is connected to every other system in the building, which is really stupid. The lights wouldn't turn off, the projector wouldn't turn on, and there were small strobe lights flashing on the ceiling. We waited another ten minutes or so with her trying to figure something out [clearly all her information was on the powerpoint] so she just chatted with us. It was fun, and a nice way to not have to do work.

During the class, I discovered one of my first Hated Classmates of this school year. To be a Hated Classmate of mine, you need to [A] be in my class and [B] annoy me at least 3 times within one class period. This particular HC is an Irish man. Normally I love the Irish, since I'm half Irish and all, but this man was so freaking annoying. Just because you are a grown man, you do NOT get to speak all through the class. If that is what you want, then why aren't you the prof? Shut up and let me learn, and don't pull more of this crap in the future!

Also in the class, we had to look at this fun character above. The prof said that we will be seeing him over the course of the ... uh ... course, so we should name him and choose his personality. We did a vote, and the most people voted for Tired, but she said 'ok and it looks like the majority voted for shy' even though only one person had voted for shy. Everyone looked a little confused, but no one spoke up, so shy he is. Then it was time to name him, and I said to myself 'these fools will name him Bob or George'. Moments later, the name George Shyman was chosen. I'm surrounded by incompetent morons.


natasha boulanger said...

I think George Shyman isn't too bad really. Although I would have went with something like... Atticus O'Neil the third.

i am playing outside said...

see! Atticus O'Neil is such a good name!