Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Final Hours

The time is finally here! 12 months are over, and I am just 5 hours away from moving my life down the stairs and out the door of 39 Stewart forever. Soon, I will be calling 180 Lees my new home.

Andrew will be showing up at 11 and we are going for breakfast at Zak's which will surely be delicious! Before he gets here, I have one hour to take my bed apart and make sure everything is ready to go. Most of my stuff has already been piled neatly in the living room for a few days, but this is finally it! I am a hardcore computer junkie, so my PC will be packed at the last possible second, as is customary with any move I make.

Last night I got home from Andrew's at about 1:15 and Krista was back from Alberta. I expected to come in and see her crap sprawled in a great disaster, but I couldn't even see her two large suitcases. Weird! We chatted for a while [as in, I went to bed at 4:30... eew] and that's pretty much it. I slept like friggin' crap for like 4 hours. Great.

And now, just because you asked, its the first picture I ever had taken with the outgoing and incoming roommates!


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mando said...

Ive moved Ive moved! yay!

i am playing outside said...

huzzah! we've moved! new Paramount apartments for all!