Friday, September 7, 2007

The Fiascos

Yesterday was a day of many, many problems.

> First, I woke up at 11:26. Class starts at 11:30. This was not going to work. Therefore, I missed my first day of class for the third year in a row. Next year I will have to find a reason to miss the first day as well, so I can have missed the first day of every year in my university career. For those who are wondering, the first day of the past two years were missed due to my undying love for the Renfrew Fair.

> I walked to the Rideau Center, which took about half an hour, in the hot sun. I got there and bought two AC adapters because we needed one for the internet router. I needed the second one because I tried using the adapter from my speakers on the router as a temporary replacement. This blew the adapter for the speakers, because it was too powerful. So I walked back the half hour, and I was boiling and tired and sweating and looked disgusting.

> I got home and realized that I had picked out the wrong size of tips for the adapters. You see, there are like 10 different sizes, and they are all only SLIGHTLY different. I'm talking millimeter differences. I was angry, but I needed to get this stuff in order, so I bused back to the mall, switched the tips, and then bused home again.

> When I got home, I got the Rogers bill. They just installed it on Saturday, and they sent us a bill. A bill for TWO months. WHAT? So now we have to pay twice as much this month, but I guess we'll pay nothing next month. Assholes.

> Now the router just doesn't work. It isn't connecting to the internet. So I call. And I call. I talk to several people for tech support, but I keep getting cut off because my cell phone only works near the window of my room, and when I would bring it close to my computer [on the other side of the room] I would get cut off.

> The new adapter was the right size for the speakers, but I blew my speakers. I loved those speakers. What the hell happened? I guess its okay though... they only cost $29 and that was two years ago. They had a good life.

> Finally, I used Tim's cell phone which had a bit better reception farther into my room [and a better speakerphone] and I was on the phone with two different tech support people for 70 minutes. Then, We had made a bit of progress but not much, and the lady said that she was hanging up, and someone better would call back on Monday. I was floored. I hate you, D-Link Tech Support.


Fun note: I've decided that I will be buying a September bus pass, and I will see if it is worth having it and then I will probably buy one for future months. I wasn't going to buy one because everyone says its only a ten minute walk from Lees to campus, but that is ten minutes from THIS END of campus, and my classes are on the other end. I do not have 25 minutes to walk to class. Yay bus pass.

Tonight after class, I am off to the Brad Paisley / Taylor Swift / Rodney Atkins concert, and then after that, I'm off to Renfrew for the Fair! Woo! Have a good weekend!


Stacy said...

Well? How was the Renfrew Fair?

And...did you make it to class today?

i am playing outside said...

To tell you the truth, the Renfrew Fair was a bit of a letdown. Well, the Fair wasn't, but the people I was with were. But I made the most of my trip home, and I will try again next week!

I started school on Friday. I'm off to class right now, but I promise I will come back afterward and discuss my weekend, now that I'm finally back to my computer!