Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Camera

Last night at 3am, I stumbled upon Channel 69: The video feed from the front door security camera. I assumed it would be a gold mine, but at 3am, there was no action. This may become a regular feature, especially if people enjoy it. Here is the list of events that transpired between 4:20 - 4:30 pm today.


A car pulls into the visitor parking.
A woman enters with her white and black dog.

Delivery man enters and buzzes.
Two people enter and two people leave.
The delivery man is let in.


A guy goes into the entrance, flips up a piece of paper on the wall too read it, then returns to the building.
Pizza delivery man arrives and buzzes.


Pizza man is let in.


A girl leaves.

One car enters the visitors parking while another car leaves.

A girl leaves.
A girl enters and buzzes, but is let in by a man who is leaving.

A boy leaves, kind of staggering.

A car leaves the visitors parking.

It appears that this building has a strict one-in, one-out policy. Two cars arrived, two cars left. 7 people arrived, 7 people left.


natasha boulanger said...

Why must your life be so much cooler then mine. I love this by the way, maybe you'll be like that movie where the guy watches people from his apartment and then sees a murder or some deal and the killer sees him and all sorts of goodness happens. AWESOME!

i am playing outside said...

LOL well let us pray that the murder happens in the front entrance. Someday I will take a screen cap of a person so you can all see the glorious front entrance in all its grainy black and whiteness.

natasha boulanger said...

Ooooh that sounds exciting!