Friday, September 21, 2007

The Bus Comment

Yesterday while I was riding home from school on the bus, a girl sitting near me called her mother. I remind you that in the middle of the day, right between classes, the buses are jam-packed [more on this later] and there are about 1000 people listening to anything you say.

This girl, in all her freakish glory, called her mom and said:
*long long pause*
*hangs up*

Is there something I am missing here? Is gargoyle the new hip term for something that I'm just not cool enough to know about? I mean, I dunno... I think I'm pretty cool. Why wouldn't I know about it? It's depressing, y'all.

Regardless, I hope she eventually had her gargoyle returned to her. Maybe Mom knew of its whereabouts.

Now, back to jam-packed. At brunch on the weekend, we noticed that the Kraft Strawberry Jam, which has been a breakfast staple for as long as breakfast has been served at restaurants, was in a new package. The concept was the same, but the materials were all different. The jam-holding portion was made of transluscent plastic rather than clear, and its dimensions were wonky. The peel off lid was made of more flimsy, almost paper-like material, which RIPPED IN HALF when I was trying to open it. Never has a jam package failed me in such a way. Kraft, I am disappointed.

I am officially in Renfrew for the weekend, as Mando, Michelle and I are going to The Hershey Factory in Smiths Falls. It has been there for 30 years and I've never been there. Now, this wonderful landmark is on the brink of closure, so I must go check it out. I am ecstatic for the cheap, cheap chocolate that I am about to purchase! I will NOT be one of those people who live in Toronto but never visits the CN Tower. I'm going to the chocolate factory, dammit!

I shall leave you now with this beautiful capture from the security camera that I took before I left Ottawa today. It is of terrible quality, but there is a non-stop flow of people. I filmed until there was a full 10 seconds with no one in the shot, and boy, did that ever take a while! You may get bored, but there is a hug near the end, so don't stop the video before it is done! It is all classic material! Just note that the video is silent, so you may want to put a song on while you listen.


natasha boulanger said...

Oh that video is awesome! Haha you have no idea how long I would watch that for.. oh it's hours. Your builidings entry system is going to have to be explained.. do you have to walk over there do something before the door opens, or just wait until someone else opens it?

Either she is missing an actual gargoyle, or she lost her virginity. I mean I have definatly refered my virginity as my gargoyle... or gargoyle is like a name of her cat or something.. or maybe a pet name for her missing boyfriend. The options are endless.

i am playing outside said...

To get in the building, you go in the first door. then, if you live there, you have a key and you open door #2. if you don't live there, you go over and call your friend, and then they unlock the door from their phone, and you go in. if you get lucky [i really hope to see people gettin' lucky in the doorway someday], someone will be coming out and hold the door for you.

These are your three options.

natasha boulanger said...

Wow.. intense.

Stacy said...

Hey! I love gargoyles and have a few of them hanging out in my house. Maybe I'll do a post featuring them.

Can't wait to hear how The Hershey Factory was. I couldn't agree more about Torontonians who have never paid a visit to the CN Tower. Brutal.

I loved your comment about staying warm in bed when it's SO cold on the other side of those blankets. I'm not sure if I'd say it's 'comfortable' but it's definitely Canadian!