Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Bedroom

Well, it has been two full weeks now since I moved into the new apartment, and everything is officially set up and lived in, so it is time for pictures! They don't do it full justice, so come visit and you can see my beautiful room in person!

This is where I sit, type my blog, throw things out and write on my calendar.

The dresser and closet. This is where I retrieve my clothing. Also, I've got myself a little bar set up, and a fan for when I need a cold wind blowing. My stuffed animals and Crown Royal family protect the fan from enemies.

This area is beautifully decorated by my Beer Coaster Collection. Notice the second fan, which adds a beautiful Wind From All Over effect.

My bed. This is where I sleep. However, don't let the pillows fool you. I sleep with my head at the foot of the bed.

Also, I thank you for not smoking in my room.

This is just half of my amazing walk-in closet. I love it so much. It was difficult to photograph though. Sorry!

I hope you've enjoyed my tour! Don't forget to stop in the giftshop on your way out!


natasha boulanger said...

I see an art project from Musset! He kept mine.. that bastard. Ps. Your room is very cute. I totally want to send you a picture for you to put on your wall or like a painting only a picture because painting is like a job for me right now. Is it sad I remember all the shirts in your closet. Like the orange one, and the blue one.

i am playing outside said...

:D im so glad you remember my shirts!

musset wanted to keep mine, but i wouldnt let him. i love that painting so much. i need to get it framed.