Friday, September 28, 2007

The Rude Girl

Welcome, welcome. I hope you all enjoy my new heading picture. I was sitting in a particularly boring Remote Sensing class yesterday [there was someone sitting beside Phil, which left me sitting not beside him. Boo]. I was watching the slides go by. 87 slides. 87. And then, this precious gem comes up. One of the slides has a picture of a wheat field. A beautiful picture. One that would work so perfectly with the picture of me playing outside that I saved it to my memory stick IMMEDIATELY. When I got home, I edited the pictures together, and I believe that this glorious field is officially the only thing that my self-portrait shall ever be allowed to be attached to. He will stand alone on a white background as he was made, or he can stand near the field.

I have to mention this bag. I love this bag. You can buy this bag for $0.99 at your nearest Loblaws store or one of its affiliates [such as no frills, for you Renfrew readers].

When I see this bag, it makes me happy. I am seeing more and more of them each day, and I smile when I see them, because it shows me that people are using the bag, and that they care about the environment.

Brilliantly, the bags are made of recycled plastic bottles, and are durable, as well as an environmentally friendly carrying solution for your grocery shopping AND MORE! I personally have three of them, and when combined with my school bag, they are more than enough to help me transport my groceries.

Of course, you may forget to take the bags with you to the store on occasion, or you may want to do a load of groceries and get the flimsy plastic bags that are free from the store to use as garbage bags at home, but I suggest that everyone buy these bags! Save my planet, please :)

Finally, I will move on to something less pleasant. Today while I was on the bus, I clearly stood near the door because I would only be going two stops. Then, when my stop was next, I moved right up to the door, since I would be getting out. Then, before the bus has even stopped [which means the door can't be opened] this horribly rude girl said "EXCUSE ME!" and sort of pushed me out of the way so she could get off the bus first. I was annoyed, but it did not end there.

The girl was ultimately slow going up the 42 steps from the Transitway to the street level where my building is. I hoped that the girl wasn't going to my building, but she was. I tried to walk quickly so the door would close and she'd have to dig for her own keys [if you can't be nice to me, I wont be nice to you. I didn't get there in time, so I held the door for her. I also held the next door for her. She did not say 'Thank you'. This annoys me, because I am always very polite in situations like this, and I really don't think it takes too much effort to do things such as thanking a door holder, or saying hi to the bus driver. They are just nice things to do.

So I hung out at home for a few hours and watched The Shining. It was the first time I've ever seen it... it was pretty good! When it finished, I headed back to school for my next class. Again, I stood at the door of the bus... beside the rude girl. This bus was a bit different, so we were both able to get off at the same time rather than one at a time. But then, it turned out she was going into the same building as me, right behind me. This time when I held another TWO doors for her, I looked her right in the eye and smiled, and again, nothing.

I want to know how one person can be so rude to the same stranger at three different doorways in one day. It is pure craziness!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Assignments

This morning, class was very, very hard to suffer through. It was hot in the class and I was exhausted. I came home and immediately slept until about 12:30. A few hours later, Sean called with the offer of a free ticket to tonight's Senators vs Flyers game. An hour later, we were on our way! You can't pass up that kind of opportunity!

In much different news, I have created a website. Up until now, I've always kept my marks pretty quiet, and I never let anyone read my assignments. However, I have decided to make these things completely public. This way, maybe I will strive to do better work in the future, since I know that there is a chance people will be reading my work. If you would like to check it out, you can go to the I Am Playing In Class link to the right of this post. I will update it when I get marks from my profs, or when I complete new assignments. I have put up all the assignment files I have from the beginning of university. For any of the assignments that are links, you can click on them and get to a page to download the assignment as a PDF file. I know its kind of a poor system, but it is the best I can do. I hope you enjoy. Don't be too hard on me!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Penelopiad

This will be quick because I am off to bed.

Today, Erin and I went to the NAC to see Margaret Atwood's new play which is adapted from her book, The Penelopiad. It was an excellent play... the cast was 13 women, so there was a bit of non-hot lesbian action, but it was pretty cool. and at one point, the floor opened up into a shallow pool, which they used for numerous different events. It pretty much rocked.

Today was high school day at the NAC, but the kids were decently well behaved. After laughing at "breast" and "bitch, and then some minor gasps at the first instance of lesbian crotch groping, they settled down and let us and the old ladies in the back enjoy the play [which was $10 each, thanks to Live Rush tickets! Oh the perks of being a student!].

We went for lunch at Elephant & Castle afterwards which was quite delicious and the service was excellent. Well done, E&C.

Tonight, Andrew and I watched the Heroes premiere which was pretty good... its clearly a buildup of better things to come, and that excites me. I then came home and finished my day by doing some Stats homework and I read 30 pages about ice core drilling. A fun-filled day for sure. Goodnight everyone!

Monday, September 24, 2007

The Hershey Weekend

This weekend was the weekend that Mando and I have been planning for months. We were originally supposed to go to the Hershey Factory in Smiths Falls in June, but then we got jobs and that couldn't happen. We finally went [and Michelle came along, yay!].

The drive there was fun, as you will see in the video below. So many farms. And Carleton Place!

The tour itself was a bit lacklustre; it was Saturday, so there weren't very many employees working or machines operating. What WAS operating was the machines that you could barely see from the tour area. Boo. But I got to see a massive vat of chocolate being stirred, so I was happy!

The gift shop was, of course, the best part of being there. I've never seen so many adults clamoring over shelves of candy before. And there weren't many kids there! ITS A FREAKING CHOCOLATE FACTORY! I bought the following list of items. Don't judge me.

> chocolate covered almonds
> kisses [in silver, red and orange foil]
> an Oh Henry milkshake, because I was thirsty
> a cherry blossom, because I've never had one
> and finally, the best thing ever... a case of 48 Peanut Butter Cups! ... and just to clarify, it is 48 of the three-in-a-pack ones.

As many people know, I am hopelessly in love with Reese. I could be their ultimate spokesperson. Not buying this case would have been the most crushing moment of my life. It had to be done!

Don't worry... I will do my best to eat them slowly. I still haven't opened the case yet, because I don't want to ruin its current perfection.

And now, here is the video I put together from the weekend. It includes the drive to Smiths Falls, a stop at the scenic lookout at Burnstown, fun times at Tim Hortons and Subway [where we ran into Elyse, Joe, Richo, Lily and Chelsey] and a closing shot of my Momma cutting up some peppers. What a great weekend!

Friday, September 21, 2007

The Bus Comment

Yesterday while I was riding home from school on the bus, a girl sitting near me called her mother. I remind you that in the middle of the day, right between classes, the buses are jam-packed [more on this later] and there are about 1000 people listening to anything you say.

This girl, in all her freakish glory, called her mom and said:
*long long pause*
*hangs up*

Is there something I am missing here? Is gargoyle the new hip term for something that I'm just not cool enough to know about? I mean, I dunno... I think I'm pretty cool. Why wouldn't I know about it? It's depressing, y'all.

Regardless, I hope she eventually had her gargoyle returned to her. Maybe Mom knew of its whereabouts.

Now, back to jam-packed. At brunch on the weekend, we noticed that the Kraft Strawberry Jam, which has been a breakfast staple for as long as breakfast has been served at restaurants, was in a new package. The concept was the same, but the materials were all different. The jam-holding portion was made of transluscent plastic rather than clear, and its dimensions were wonky. The peel off lid was made of more flimsy, almost paper-like material, which RIPPED IN HALF when I was trying to open it. Never has a jam package failed me in such a way. Kraft, I am disappointed.

I am officially in Renfrew for the weekend, as Mando, Michelle and I are going to The Hershey Factory in Smiths Falls. It has been there for 30 years and I've never been there. Now, this wonderful landmark is on the brink of closure, so I must go check it out. I am ecstatic for the cheap, cheap chocolate that I am about to purchase! I will NOT be one of those people who live in Toronto but never visits the CN Tower. I'm going to the chocolate factory, dammit!

I shall leave you now with this beautiful capture from the security camera that I took before I left Ottawa today. It is of terrible quality, but there is a non-stop flow of people. I filmed until there was a full 10 seconds with no one in the shot, and boy, did that ever take a while! You may get bored, but there is a hug near the end, so don't stop the video before it is done! It is all classic material! Just note that the video is silent, so you may want to put a song on while you listen.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Camera

Last night at 3am, I stumbled upon Channel 69: The video feed from the front door security camera. I assumed it would be a gold mine, but at 3am, there was no action. This may become a regular feature, especially if people enjoy it. Here is the list of events that transpired between 4:20 - 4:30 pm today.


A car pulls into the visitor parking.
A woman enters with her white and black dog.

Delivery man enters and buzzes.
Two people enter and two people leave.
The delivery man is let in.


A guy goes into the entrance, flips up a piece of paper on the wall too read it, then returns to the building.
Pizza delivery man arrives and buzzes.


Pizza man is let in.


A girl leaves.

One car enters the visitors parking while another car leaves.

A girl leaves.
A girl enters and buzzes, but is let in by a man who is leaving.

A boy leaves, kind of staggering.

A car leaves the visitors parking.

It appears that this building has a strict one-in, one-out policy. Two cars arrived, two cars left. 7 people arrived, 7 people left.

The 5 Day Weekend

I am currently finishing an accidental 5 day weekend.

After the real weekend, I had Monday off because I only need to go to my discussion group if I had problem with my Stats homework, and at 8:30am I better have some damn big problems to be going. [Note: I had no problems at all!]. On Tuesday, the power outage kept me from going to school because I didn't get to participate in my alarm waking me up. Finally, today, I set my alarm for 11:30pm instead of am. I have rarely made this mistake, but I guess because I was setting the clock so close to noon, which is kind of rare, so I made a mistake.

I spent all day doing nothing and not going anywhere but the kitchen once and the bathroom once. At 8pm, I HAD TO go to school to create a map for the project that I hadn't started but is due tomorrow. That didn't take very long, which was nice. The hardest part was moving around in Simard to actually find a computer with a working program HAHA. I stopped at Subway on the way home. Then I did my assignment tonight, and all is well.

Despite the fact that I missed two days of class, I'm still completely caught up on all my readings and assignments, and I am proud of myself. Two weeks into the school year and I am STILL on track! Wow!

[Me eating a delicious sub on December 10, 2006: Mykl and Mando's Awesome December Day]

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Power Outage

Today, the building's power was shut off for maintenance. I woke up about one minute before this happened, so I was able to watch. It was sad. Goodbye clock. Goodbye computer. Goodbye fans. I did not feel like going to school today because I didn't sleep well, so I decided that it was a day off. I didn't want to sit at home all day in the silent boredom, so I went out. I was going to create a map of where in the city I went, but it was kind of annoying and I covered enough land that it would be too small to enjoy, so I did not do it. Instead, I have numbered the events for you to enjoy.

[1] I took the 97 to campus to pick up my OSAP. I already got it in August, but they reassessed my file because I made less money this summer than planned, and they decided that I deserve another $900 which is awesome. The guy in the office was the same stupid guy that game me my first installment, and I just knew it wouldn't end well. He couldn't grasp the concept that I was reassessed, and he told me to bring in the email so he could look at it. Grr.

[2] I took the 97 from campus all the way to South Keys and I went to FutureShop. I bought a fantastic new camera, which I normally wouldn't do because I don't spend a lot of money on myself, but my camera was alwyas a piece of crap, so I decided that it was replacement time. I love my new camera. [FUN NOTE: My cousin has shown interest in buying the old camera for $100. Yay!]

[3] I walked to the South Keys stop and was about to get on a 97 to go home, but then I had an idea! With no power, I had no way to cook any of my food for lunch. I got on some sort of 124 or something like that, and I got off at the next stop.

[4] From Greenboro, I hoped on the O-Train [yay!] and took it down to Carling, where I walked to Andrew's building for lunch. I was his first guest ever, even though he's worked there for more than a year! The pizza was delicious, the tour was of an old government building, the co-workers were decent, and the security guard was a moron. I also used Andrew's computer [remember: mine had no power] to print off my OSAP information.
[5] I went back to Carling and O-Trained to Bayview, where I helped a guy find his way to the 95. Twice. But I was happy to help.

[6] I took the 95 back to campus. When I got off, I saw the OSAP idiot man get off the bus behind me. It was a race to the office, and I was definitely in the lead. I showed up, and I was 16th in line. 15th. 14th. 11th. 9th. The man arrived. Frig! I knew that I would get him again, but then... a nice lady called me over. Huzzah! The nice lady immediately told me that my money had been released on Sunday, but that meant that the papers had to be printed in Thunder Bay and then mailed to Ottawa. She also told me that the idiot man should have told me this, and that he is an idiot man [now I'm paraphrasing].

[7] I walked to the campus stop, and I got very unlucky with the fact that class had just ended, so I was in for a bit of a wait. Luckily, Matt N showed up, so I had someone to chat with. Eventually, I was on the 96 home.

[8] I walked into my silent apartment at 2:50. I lay down on the bed, just about to start opening my new camera, when BAM! Everything turned on! POWER! Excellent timing :)

Andrew came over for the evening, and we made corn on the cob and Shake 'N' Bake chicken, which he says he's never had and I think that's a heinous lie! We also played around with my camera a bit, and we watched the Big Brother finale. Yay Dick!

Monday, September 17, 2007

The 7 Load Bitch

So today I left the apartment only to do my laundry. To start off, I felt like an idiot because I only have to take the elevator down one floor, because there are no stairs to the basement. There are 22 floors of people here coming and going all the time, so I'm sure that is annoying to the people going upstairs. But anyway.

I got down to the laundry room along with two other people. Between us, we had 8 loads of laundry to do. This means we need 7 of the 20 machines. They are all full, but all finished, except for one girl who has just started up 4 machines. We waited a few minutes and were about to start taking other peoples' things out, when one girl came downstairs to move her things to the dryer. She was using SEVEN machines. Just so you know, she was using approximately 33% of the machines, when there are about 1500 people who live in the building. ANGER.

So the 7 Load Bitch finally gets all her stuff out, and we filled the machines up with our own things. I got there last, so I crammed all my stuff into one machine, which saved me $2 so that is cool haha. The annoying part? I'll tell you!

I still have my laundry card from when I lived in residence two years ago, and they are the same as the ones used here, so I put $20 on the card. That worked fine. But did it work when I went to put it in the machine? Of course not! So I had to be nice to the other guy who was putting stuff in the washer and I paid him to use his card. We planned to reconvene 41 minutes later when the cycles would be finished so I could borrow it again.

40 minutes later, I met my new, nameless friend in the elevator on the way downstairs. The 7 Load Bitch had all the dryers taken up as well, so we immediately pulled all her stuff out and used those machines. I hate the 7 Load Bitch.

I told Andrew of this fiasco, and he told me that in the future, I should just bring my laundry to his place. Sure, its a decently long bus trip to haul laundry, but it is free that way, and its not like I wont be going there anyway. I can also go during the day while he's not there and do school work or something. This shall be a good plan. I also plan to get my $20 bucks back. Jackasses.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Brunch

Today I woke up at 8am for some strange reason. The following three hours were spent laying in bed, wrapped in my warm comforter, being warm and listening to music. At 11, Momma called to say that her and Darrell were on their way to pick me up! I called Andrew and told him to hop on the bus.

I got ready, and just as I was finishing the tooth-brushing portion of my morning, Momma was a-knockin' at the door. I gave them the grand tour of my apartment, and I think she really liked it, which makes me happy because I also like it. Soon after, Andrew showed up and we were off to the Elgin Street Diner! Yay! It took us a while to get there, because we hit a roadblock and then the only sure way I know for us to get there was a length detour. During the detour, I realized a much shorter way that we could have gotten back to the same place, but oh well, we had a bit of fun.

The meal was delicious. I had the Hangover Breakfast which is a regular breakfast special with poutine. It was the perfect melding of breakfast and lunch. I want more immediately.

We took our party on tour and walked around the Byward Market for a little while, and then it was time to part ways. Hugs and handshakes, and then everyone was off!

Tonight I had some fun time with Jeff, Trish, Sean and Justine and it was a good time. We watched Big Brother, which was a recap episode because the season finale is on Tuesday night, and the Emmy's were on tonight so why show new content when you're up against them?

Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Bedroom

Well, it has been two full weeks now since I moved into the new apartment, and everything is officially set up and lived in, so it is time for pictures! They don't do it full justice, so come visit and you can see my beautiful room in person!

This is where I sit, type my blog, throw things out and write on my calendar.

The dresser and closet. This is where I retrieve my clothing. Also, I've got myself a little bar set up, and a fan for when I need a cold wind blowing. My stuffed animals and Crown Royal family protect the fan from enemies.

This area is beautifully decorated by my Beer Coaster Collection. Notice the second fan, which adds a beautiful Wind From All Over effect.

My bed. This is where I sleep. However, don't let the pillows fool you. I sleep with my head at the foot of the bed.

Also, I thank you for not smoking in my room.

This is just half of my amazing walk-in closet. I love it so much. It was difficult to photograph though. Sorry!

I hope you've enjoyed my tour! Don't forget to stop in the giftshop on your way out!

The Fire Alarm

So I'm on the bus to class yesterday [Personality Psych in the new building] and when we're pulling up to the stop, I notice that the corner outside the building is PACKED with people. PACKED. So I wander over and see fire trucks, which lets me know that there was an alarm [I am very clever, you see]. So I stand there for a little bit with the others, and since the building was basically built on the entire block, there is very little space for all the people to stand, and the street is no good because buses are whipping down the Transitway. About 10 minutes into class, we finally went inside.

Once inside, our prof discovered that the fire alarm is connected to every other system in the building, which is really stupid. The lights wouldn't turn off, the projector wouldn't turn on, and there were small strobe lights flashing on the ceiling. We waited another ten minutes or so with her trying to figure something out [clearly all her information was on the powerpoint] so she just chatted with us. It was fun, and a nice way to not have to do work.

During the class, I discovered one of my first Hated Classmates of this school year. To be a Hated Classmate of mine, you need to [A] be in my class and [B] annoy me at least 3 times within one class period. This particular HC is an Irish man. Normally I love the Irish, since I'm half Irish and all, but this man was so freaking annoying. Just because you are a grown man, you do NOT get to speak all through the class. If that is what you want, then why aren't you the prof? Shut up and let me learn, and don't pull more of this crap in the future!

Also in the class, we had to look at this fun character above. The prof said that we will be seeing him over the course of the ... uh ... course, so we should name him and choose his personality. We did a vote, and the most people voted for Tired, but she said 'ok and it looks like the majority voted for shy' even though only one person had voted for shy. Everyone looked a little confused, but no one spoke up, so shy he is. Then it was time to name him, and I said to myself 'these fools will name him Bob or George'. Moments later, the name George Shyman was chosen. I'm surrounded by incompetent morons.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Omegas Return

Last night was the first event of the year for my fraternity. It was our semi-annual event at the campus sports bar for potential new guys to come out and meet us and see what we're all about. We had 5 guys show up and they all seemed pretty decent. It was a great night. And the bartender forgot all about me twice so he didn't charge me for my drinks! Sweet!

[A glimpse of Omega fun: Me with Dexter and Jessica in April. Just for the record, Dexter is really short, and Jessica is tall but she's leaning. I'm not some gigantic freakshow.]

Today I woke up to Andrew calling. He is my new wakeup call, and a surefire way for me to get up in the morning and go to class. The system is already working! It was my first Remote Sensing class, which was pretty hard. The first 90 minutes were 85 slides involving a lot of stuff that went by really fast. [The time didn't go fast. Just the info]. After that, Prof. English Is My Third Language left, and the TA came in and helped us with our first assignment, which was pretty confusing. By the end of the class, it seemed that I was the only person who had a decent grasp on the concept, which scares me! That's someone else's job!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Renfrew Fair

Friday was my first official day of class. Stats seemed decent. The teacher was nice [He's not a prof, he's a grad student or something. His name is Vladan, so that's cool]. I know one person in the class from last year, but I don't remember his name, so I can never speak to him HAHA. Next I had Personality Psych in the BEAUTIFUL new Desmarais building that cost $80 Million. Money well spent? Probably not. But I get to go to 20% of my classes in style! The prof only kept us for 13 minutes, which was such a waste of time. It did let me go buy my book though. I got there fast and got one of the 8 used copies they had, thus saving me $50. Yay!

After book buying, I went to get a bus pass for the semester, and it looks a little something like this:

[Crappy picture. Sorry]

With my bus pass in hand, I hopped on The OC to Fallowfield where I met Heather. We rocked out to Taylor Swift, Rodney Atkins, and Brad Paisley, and it was friggin' awesome! I love country music so much!

After the concert, Heather dropped my off at the bus station where I met Andrew. We took the 12:15am bus to Renfrew and the next day, we headed to the Renfrew Fair! Woo!

The fair was decent. It was not incredible. I spent the night with Andrew, Michelle, Alison and Steph. I also met Tyler, and that was quite possibly the best part of the fair, because he friggin' rocks and we are talking on MSN right now. RIGHT NOW I SAY! He rocks because we have realized that I am him 9 years later. It is very fun.

I ate the following amazing fair foods: a lemonade, two cinnamon buns, a bacon on a bun, a piece of fudge, and a double rye and coke. This list also includes the mickey of CC that I poured into a bottle of Coke. Do you know how much Coke you need to pour out before the mickey fits in the bottle? HAHA

On Sunday, we had a lovely breakfast of French toast and then it was back to Ottawa for us in the afternoon. I had no class on Monday, and quite frankly I don't remember what I did at all, even though it was just yesterday. Oh well.

Today I went to my Geography of Polar Regions class, which I know a bunch of people in. I sat with Phil and Dave as I'm sure I will all semester. It was so nice to see them again after 4 months!

Friday, September 7, 2007

The Fiascos

Yesterday was a day of many, many problems.

> First, I woke up at 11:26. Class starts at 11:30. This was not going to work. Therefore, I missed my first day of class for the third year in a row. Next year I will have to find a reason to miss the first day as well, so I can have missed the first day of every year in my university career. For those who are wondering, the first day of the past two years were missed due to my undying love for the Renfrew Fair.

> I walked to the Rideau Center, which took about half an hour, in the hot sun. I got there and bought two AC adapters because we needed one for the internet router. I needed the second one because I tried using the adapter from my speakers on the router as a temporary replacement. This blew the adapter for the speakers, because it was too powerful. So I walked back the half hour, and I was boiling and tired and sweating and looked disgusting.

> I got home and realized that I had picked out the wrong size of tips for the adapters. You see, there are like 10 different sizes, and they are all only SLIGHTLY different. I'm talking millimeter differences. I was angry, but I needed to get this stuff in order, so I bused back to the mall, switched the tips, and then bused home again.

> When I got home, I got the Rogers bill. They just installed it on Saturday, and they sent us a bill. A bill for TWO months. WHAT? So now we have to pay twice as much this month, but I guess we'll pay nothing next month. Assholes.

> Now the router just doesn't work. It isn't connecting to the internet. So I call. And I call. I talk to several people for tech support, but I keep getting cut off because my cell phone only works near the window of my room, and when I would bring it close to my computer [on the other side of the room] I would get cut off.

> The new adapter was the right size for the speakers, but I blew my speakers. I loved those speakers. What the hell happened? I guess its okay though... they only cost $29 and that was two years ago. They had a good life.

> Finally, I used Tim's cell phone which had a bit better reception farther into my room [and a better speakerphone] and I was on the phone with two different tech support people for 70 minutes. Then, We had made a bit of progress but not much, and the lady said that she was hanging up, and someone better would call back on Monday. I was floored. I hate you, D-Link Tech Support.


Fun note: I've decided that I will be buying a September bus pass, and I will see if it is worth having it and then I will probably buy one for future months. I wasn't going to buy one because everyone says its only a ten minute walk from Lees to campus, but that is ten minutes from THIS END of campus, and my classes are on the other end. I do not have 25 minutes to walk to class. Yay bus pass.

Tonight after class, I am off to the Brad Paisley / Taylor Swift / Rodney Atkins concert, and then after that, I'm off to Renfrew for the Fair! Woo! Have a good weekend!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Move

Andrew and I went for breakfast at Zak's which was very delicious, although kind of annoying because there was a stupid family with parents who let their child scream as if they didn't notice. Once, the kid even threw a cup with was loud and it knocked a sharp knife flying. Not cool. Note to idiots: go away from me!

Jeff and Trish stopped in to say hi for a few minutes, as did Mike and Virginia, which passed my last few hours at 39 Stewart kind of like how they started [well, how the first few days there started]. Moving took 4 hours, after a long ridiculous wait at the U-Haul depot, which even had a bit of a verbal encounter between two U-Haulin' Men. The painters were still doing their thing and the carpets had yet to be cleaned, so we put all of our stuff in the sun room to wait for the carpets to be done.

That night was Tim's birthday party which was fun fun fun, and I got nicely drunk and then spent the night at Andrew's.

We were off to Andrew's parents' trailer at the RCMP Camp, but first we ate breakfast and then post-breakfast naps. Those are pretty sweet. We spent the night relaxing at the trailer, but we didn't take any warm clothes [My stuff was still all packed, so that's my excuse!] so we stayed inside and watched the only DVD they had in the trailer [NOTE: The trailer is better than my apartment] which was Season 3 of Corner Gas. I had always been anti-Corner Gas, but I love it now. I'm so happy to love yet another Canadian thing!

We ate a late breakfast and then enjoyed some lengthy post-breakfast naps. This trend could really catch on! Especially since it was beautiful outside naps on lawn chairs ... you know ... those long ones that you can nap in. I've definitely not had a nap where I'm on display to many strangers in quite a long time ... possibly since I fell asleep at a cocktail party in Chicago like 10 years ago. That afternoon, we watched the rest of the Corner Gas episodes that we didn't get through the night before [I will have to download the other seasons] then we ate a lovely dinner, and then I came back to my brand new apartment! That night, I spent 7 hours setting up all my my furniture and my random junk. I have to say, i absolutely LOVE the apartment, and I REALLY LOVE the fact that right down the hall, there is a pizza place which is open late every night, and a convenience store. I don't even have to go outside!

I met Jeff and Trish at the Royal Oak on Laurier and we had a lovely lunch. Then I came home and hoped in the car with Tim and his parents and we hit up IKEA to buy all of the housey things we needed. The rest of the day was spent finishing the rest of my room setup, and getting everything up on the very bare, very white walls. The apartment looks good! My room looks the best, of course. Doesn't it always?

Was See People From First Year Day. I saw Derek in the hall and apparently he lives on the 4th floor of this building, and then I saw Caundy and Sumaiyah at Wal*Mart. Oh 8th Floor Thompson ... I miss you!

We went to Wal*Mart to pick up the few things that IKEA couldn't provide. This was after we trucked on over to Loblaws and spent copious amounts of money on groceries. We both moved in with nothing to eat, so a grocery trip was very important!

In the evening, Mando and I ate some pizza from DOWN THE HALL! [That will never get old] and then we bussed to Preston St. to the Absolute Comedy club, where we saw a beautiful night of awesome funniness. Except for this one guy who people pretty much didn't like. Woops! It was a great time, and the headliner was Debra Di Giovanni from Video On Trial and Last Comic Standing. Good times.

Finally, when we were waiting for the O-Train, we got totally screwed over. The train came, and this one girl on the end got on, and the middle door was out of order [signs told us this] so we went to the end opposite the one the girl got on at, and we were trying to open the door and it wouldn't, and then quickly the train started pulling away. I have NEVER seen the train arrive and then leave so quickly. I definitely think something was up! Note to O-Train Conductors: don't be jerks!


So that is it for today. Tomorrow I start my 3rd year of university with a lovely 3 hour Remote Sensing class. Good times. Everyone should come visit me in my sweet new place, but bring your cell phone when you come because we do not have a call number, so if you're trying to get in, you're going to have to have us come get you, or you'll have to wait to sneak in behind someone else [Which really wont be too hard, because there are at least 1000 people who live in this building!]

Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Final Hours

The time is finally here! 12 months are over, and I am just 5 hours away from moving my life down the stairs and out the door of 39 Stewart forever. Soon, I will be calling 180 Lees my new home.

Andrew will be showing up at 11 and we are going for breakfast at Zak's which will surely be delicious! Before he gets here, I have one hour to take my bed apart and make sure everything is ready to go. Most of my stuff has already been piled neatly in the living room for a few days, but this is finally it! I am a hardcore computer junkie, so my PC will be packed at the last possible second, as is customary with any move I make.

Last night I got home from Andrew's at about 1:15 and Krista was back from Alberta. I expected to come in and see her crap sprawled in a great disaster, but I couldn't even see her two large suitcases. Weird! We chatted for a while [as in, I went to bed at 4:30... eew] and that's pretty much it. I slept like friggin' crap for like 4 hours. Great.

And now, just because you asked, its the first picture I ever had taken with the outgoing and incoming roommates!


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