Monday, August 13, 2007

The Worst Western

Summer jobs. I think everyone hates them. At least I hope they do, I mean mine are always crap.

Last summer was my first official summer of summer jobs. I started out working at No Frills, where I had worked during high school. It was my second go-'round, and the people were worse, the rules were more strict, and the hours were awful. By mid-July, I had had enough, and I got the hell out of there.

Jobless [stupidly, since students sort of need to be making money], I applied to TeleTech, the new call center in town, and lied to them that I was not going back to school in September. A place like that wants a lifelong commitment, which is why they hadn't hired me in April when I originally wanted them to. Idiots. So, I thought I was being all TAKE THAT! but then I kind of got fucked over. They pushed my training back three weeks, so I lost three weeks of pay that I could have been getting at No Frills. I started the job planning to not make any friends. Just get in and get out. But no... I got sucked into the fun. I either loved everyone, or else I loved to make fun of them. Either way, TeleTech was great times, and there was ALWAYS cake. Sadly, I was indeed going back to school, and I had to quit... in turn, fucking them over. Sorry guys.

So, this summer, I chose to stay in Ottawa to work [I have an apartment here, so I might as well live in what I'm paying for]. The job hunt was hard. I was supposed to be working at the Central Experimental Farm, but that didn't work out. I was applying to everything that was going to pay me at least $10, no matter what the job. I came very close to being hired by a company that made signs [which I really wanted to do] but then they were jerks and screwed me over. Then finally in the middle of June, when I was starting to get scared, I got a call from a girl named Danielle...

Danielle told me that I would be coming in the next day for an interview, and I would be hired on the spot. She was right, and I came to like Danielle. She is a completely normal human, which means she hates people just as much as I do. My job is maintenance, which has been sometimes good [I've learned how to fix things... things that I'll surely need later in life when I have a house]. It was also bad [so many of the people annoyed me, especially the owner, who is a 70 year old woman who treats her staff worse than a piece of crap that a rat vomited on. Fun! The pay was good, the hours were bad [Wed-Sun, which meant that my SUMMER OF GOING HOME LOTS! became my summer of staying put in Ottawa].

So time wore on, the hotel wore on my nerves, and now I've gotten up the nerve to start a war. [See what I just did there?] On Friday, I will be quitting. No notice, no warning, I'm just hanging in my resignation at 2pm and walking away from it. I will only be missing 6 shifts that I would have worked before the end of the summer, so its not THAT big of a hit money-wise. By quitting on Friday [in order to go home to Renfrew for a wedding and also to have a week of relaxation, which I didn't get any of this summer] I will be screwing over the hotel owner because she will have to force her favourite little worker Elmer to stay late that night, as well as work the two weekend days alone, which would normally be his days off. It will also put her at a reduced staff until she can find me a replacement. It will piss Elmer off because he will be forced to work even though it is his weekend and he already would have worked 5 days. If he DOESN'T work, then the hotel will be screwed over because each weekend, we set up a banquet room as a church and the client has been using the room every week for years. Not setting it up would be a huge disaster for them.

I am happy to do this, because as mentioned earlier, I hate the owner because she yells at us for no reason at all [my first day I way reprimanded for something the previous employee of my job had done. NOTE: 7 people had filled my position in the 3 months before me. I lasted 2 whole months. GO ME! I am equally happy to screw over Elmer, because he has periodically been trying to get me fired. According to Tracy at the front desk, he does that because even after 11 years, he is afraid that he will be fired when a new, good worker such as myself comes along. Jackass. No one tries to fire me and gets away with it!

There are some people I will miss from the hotel [I said my goodbyes to the weekend desk staff [Pam and Melissa] yesterday, and I will miss Danielle and the restaurant staff [half price food was NICE]. But overall, I will just be happy that I made enough money that I wont die this school year, and I can't wait to get back to school. Yay!


mando said...

As you know this year is my first SUMMER JOB. I dont know if its just the fact that its labelled a summer job or what, but it totally sucks the life out of me. Its like an oxymoron. Like who the crap wants a job in the summer? There should be frolicking and skipping and staying up to 7am and getting up at 5pm. There is no entry for SUMMER JOB in wiki, so you KNOW it the devil.

Michael said...

WOAH if it doesn't exist on wiki, then it doesn't exist. I think I read that on wiki somewhere...

I say NO MORE SUMMER JOBS for anyone! See you all at the park next summer, where we will frolic and play hopscotch and hide and seek!