Monday, August 20, 2007

The Weekend

So, this is just a bit of a placeholder so none of you fine folk forget that I exist. I am indeed continuing to post, but I'm in Renfrew for the weekend and I am very ultra busy. I don't have time right now to ACTUALLY post, but I will tomorrow night or the next day. I have lots of fun adventures to discuss, including my aunt's phenomenal wedding reception in Pembroke and fun fun cottage times last night and tonight [I'll be going back right after I'm done this post]. Also, Andrew meeting my family [see: massive extended family] went super well. Creepily well. I just sent him back to Ottawa on the bus though, because he has to work tomorrow.

As I said, I'm off to the cottage, but I'll be back in a day or two. Have fun!


mando said...

I wish I was at a cottage and not working :(

mando said...

For you Ive composed this ballad.

♪♫Like I knew that you would come to me and we'd run away with all our dreams.
Don't you think that I'd prepare a bit to try to make it all complete.
To run away is not the kind of thing that i do in a normal day,
but it's so cool that we're together and we're smiling drinking soda.
I want to jump in a lake.
sun shining down on a beach in the summer.♪♫

i am playing outside said...

oh my, what a lovely ballad. and composed just for me? wonderful! i shall call it Soda!

yes. what a good ballad indeed.

mando said...

beautiful title sir

mando said...

mykl its almost THIS weekend where is this post! lol i know i know momma time oo maybe she could be a guest poster