Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Walls

I can see the walls of my room, and boy is it ever depressing. 4 more days I must spend in this grey and red box. Okay, so I'm sure I wont spend all that time in here, but I'll spend a portion. They have definitely served me well over the past almost-year [sadly I moved in on September 10, 2006, and I'll be moving on the 1st of this year, so I will have lived here 9 days short of a year when all is said and done]. Last night I took down all of my random stuff, but today I took down all of my photos from my awesome photo wall: 184 pictures documenting the past 12 months beautifully. Its secondary use was to quickly point out people while I was talking about them. It was a wonderful wall, and I could easily locate everyone on it.

A run through of all the good times that The Wall had to offer:

> Summer 2006 fun with Mando and MegH
> Geography Field Camp 1
> Adam Gregory concert at the Renfrew Fair with Michelle
> The 'Welcome Michael to 39 Stewart' Party
> My first Rush mixer with Omega Theta Alpha Fraternity
> Thanksgiving in Renfrew

[A rare glimpse of Tabitha in her natural habitat.]

> Greek Olympics
> Geomorphology trip to Hogsback Falls
> Random late-night encounters at Zak's Diner
> Sigma Psi Alpha's Bunny Pub
> Omega Pledge Bench Sit
> My 19th Birthday Party

[Me with Basil and Steph.]

> Pie A Sigma Psi
> Omega Theta Alpha Initiation
> Birthday brownies with Lisa
> December 10, 2006: Michael and Mando's Awesome Day
> Pre-Christmas Boozing at Finnigan's
> Christmas [Renfrew] and New Years [Ottawa]
> Visit from Matt and Jess

[We had lunch at the Rideau Center food court.]

> Many Happy Birthdays
> Straddle My Saddle
> Pledge Night for Iota Class
> Lower Tuition Fees Rally on Parliament Hill

[My sign broke. Boo.]

> Geography Pub @ Gracie's West
> Nu Sigma Pi Formal
> Omega Theta Alpha Presents: Beerfest
> St. Patrick's Day at Saurov's
> Omega Theta Alpha Formal AND Sigma Psi Alpha Formal
> Chinese Buffet Brotherhood Event
> Ottawa Senators Playoffs Home Opener

[They won 5-3 against the Anaheim Ducks.]

> Crown Royal Texas Mickey Party
> Relay For Life in Renfrew
> Tim McGraw and Faith Hill concert
> Canada Day on Parliament Hill
> General drinkin' with Andrew and Sara
> Frances and Dave's Wedding
> Cottage Time with the DeBruyns
> One last night of Finnigan's drinking for the summer.

[Steph and I at good old Finn's]

Thank you all for 12 months of good times. There better be more to come!

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