Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Reception

This post takes us back to Friday, August 17. I apologize for the break in my posting schedule, but now I will do a few recaps and then we will be back in business!

I went to work and did very little for 4.5 hours. At 1:30, I went around the hotel and said my goodbyes [starting with the toilet, where I gave it one last good shit. No lie.] Then, at 2:00, I walked into the office of the horrible 70 year old bitch owner's office. I took the 7 steps to her desk, I handed her an envelope. She asked what it was, and I turned, took 7 steps to the door, and I walked out of Best Western Macie's Hotel forever. I suggest that none of you fine readers ever stay there if you can help it. The Travelodge down the street is surely just as lovely and accomodating! I did of course say one last goodbye to Tracey, Wilson and Danielle, because I will miss those guys!

Note: Apparently they have replaced me with some loser 15 year old who is dense like a lead pipe. Good luck with that.

I hopped on The OC with my bag and along the way, we picked up Andrew and his luggage. Soon after, we were at the Bus Station where there were like 5 lines all mangled into one and we had no clue where to be standing, so we started our own damn line! Eventually we got on the bus, and by 5:00 were we in Renfrew in the pouring rain. That night, 25 or so people were in my house because my mom had apparently planned a family barbeque at the last minute. Fun. This left me without even one second to introduce Andrew to my mom before guests arrived, because she brought some of them with her! Things went well though, and afterwards, we joined Amanda and Michelle and we gave Andrew the Official Renfrew Tour of the Year 2007. [NOTE: The tour changes slightly each year, based on new stores in town]. I drove the tour for the first time ever [usually Amanda drives it] which was fun because I was driving my mom's new car for the first time, but it sucked because I normally speak the tour, so I was speaking and driving it, and I was quite a reckless driver that night. We lived!

We had a delicious breakfast of french toast and bacon and sausage and scrambled eggs. Then we were lazy for a while, and then at 2:00 we headed off to Pembroke to check into our hotel: a Best Western. But not just any Best Western. This was a 70s flashback to your grandmother's spare bedroom-style Best Western. THAT'S HOT, you might say. The cool kids headed on down to the Hotel Lounge to have a drink or two, and then it was showers all around before we were loaded onto the boozing bus. We got to my aunt Frances' house where there were two huge tents set up with tables, a band, another guy in a seperate location playing guitar, the garage was converted into an open bar [for 300 people, all night long]. There was also a fire pit going on, and just so you know, there were chandeliers in the tents. Fancy! The dinner was amazing. The booze flowed beautifully. The family got along swimmingly! Most importantly, people were happy for Andrew and I, and were very accepting of my newfound gayness.

To put it bluntly, it was the best night I've had in longer than I could possibly remember.

Afterwards, we got on the booze bus which returned us safely to our hotel around 2:00am. It let us off right at the hotel's front door, but every person on the bus immediately headed for the ditch... then out of the ditch, across the highway, into and out of the next ditch. Finally, we were at the Truck Stop, and we were happy. Poutine and good times were each had by all, and by 3:00 we were all back to the hotel... most of us still wearing out pants [thanks Tom... you're so classy to come to our country and then take off your pants HAHA].

Sunday morning when we woke up, we were going to go to the Truck Stop again for breakfast but the line was insane, so we headed on down the road to 17 West in Cobden. The last time I was there, the place was a shitty diner, but it has since been torn down, rebuilt and oh my is it ever nice in there! The food was good, the service was bad, and soon we were in Renfrew napping away the afternoon, until it was time to go to The Cottage...

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