Monday, August 13, 2007

The Rebirth

Let it be proclaimed that on this, the thirteenth day of the eighth month, year two-thousand seven, my writings return to the internet for mass consumption.

For those of you who are unaware, I am the handsome fellow in the picture to the left of these very words right here. It was taken in June of this year to represent what I would look like if I was spending an evening pseudo-camping. Michael is the name, and oh boy to I ever love the internet! I mean look! Look right now! I can type things and just seconds later, every common dirtbag and/or Russian Prince can read what I have to say! And, quite frankly, who wouldn't want to? I am a wealth of knowledge [For instance, did you know that the first can opener wasn't created until 50 years after the first can? People in those days my have been pretty stupid. Don't believe me? Look HERE!].

Now. You may be wondering 'Hey, why did he title this post, his very first on this attractive new blog, The Rebirth'? Well my good friend, let me tell you right this minute! You see, the internet and I have a longish history of back and forth battling [Not unlike that of your personal favourite superhero and his or her biggest enemy. Exciting!] Anyway, this is what I believe to be my fourth blog. They never do seem to pan out very well. There have also been a couple of websites, each one used, forgotten, revamped, used, forgotten... you know the drill I'm sure. I also tried a daily video blog once, but it didn't quite work out either. I mean, do you know how hard it is to come up with something to yammer on about every single day? And do it in front of a camera? Hey loser! You're talking to yourself!

There was however one successful period of five weeks in the summer of 2004 when I sustained a blog. Those posts recount my adventures in Quebec City with the Summer Language Bursary Program. I have provided the link to that blog on the RIGHT side of this page, so you may peruse it at your leisure. Sadly, the blog was created only to serve a five week purpose, so it is no longer in use. Honestly though, I would really like someone out there to be proud of me and the fact that three years ago, I maintained a blog for five weeks. Applause would be appreciated.

In short, I am blaming you, the reader, for my failure. I believe that my Quebec City blog was successful thanks to my faithful readers commenting and participating. So I'm currently telling you, folks, that you must participate! Tell me what you want me to write about and MAYBE you will get lucky and I will.

Let's be friends!


Mando said...

Dear mykl,

HA, I was just thinking: "how the crap did I get to this website"

Turns out you linked me. Well done. Your blogs seems to be about 90% bigger than mine. Hopefully that does not kill you in the end. I will attempt to blog more as well.

I believe I could be blamed for your failure. I doubt I read that many of your Quebec blogs, I gave up on your video blogs after the second go, and I probably also gave up on your MSN My Area blog, what maybe we werent friends then.... Not my fault lol

Michael said...

Na, I left MSN cuz that system totally sucked.

And like I said, my Quebec was WAS SUCCESSFUL [thanks to family members lol] so that one was all good :)