Friday, August 24, 2007

The Drive

Today was fairly uneventful.

I finished cleaning my room, which didn't take much work.

Next, I busted out the sweet OLD OLD OLDSCHOOL typewriter and wrote Chris H an awesome 5 page letter on it. It took SO LONG, so it better get to Vancouver safely.

At 4ish, Lindsay picked me up along with Jacey, Steph and Rebecca F, and we all headed to Ottawa. When we hit Kanata, Lindsay had to pee VERY MUCH, and we were a good 20-30 minutes from our destination. She was literally about to burst, so I took the opportunity to make every 'you're going to piss yourself' joke that my mind could come up with. Even I was getting tired of me, but it was so funny that I just couldn't stop!

Finally, we got to her new house, and she bolted to the washroom. Strangely, she was finished really quickly, which makes me believe that she was just lying the whole time. Liar!

We were there to look at the new house [which is very lovely] because Rebecca will be moving in soon, and she still hadn't seen the place. Dane had already moved his things in [everything brand new] and had a large assortment of office supplies in a basket on his desk. I took up the task of systematically arranging every item until they were perfectly ordered. Oh yes. That's right. Ooh la la.

We hung out in the living room and chatted about where the furniture should go, and then we headed to Kanata to eat at the newest Mexicali Rosa's. The drive was strangely long and complex, so I don't quite understand how I will ever be able to find my way by bus from my place. I may never be able to visit them afterall!

The meal was good, the drive home was rainy, and the laughter was filled with happiness. Oh what a wonderful drive it was.

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