Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Crocs

Today was a wonderful day. I woke up an hour before my alarm, but I was the most perfect temperature ever. I easily went right back to sleep for that last hour, and then when I woke for good, I was wide awake [that NEVER EVER happens EVER!] [SERIOUSLY!]. I enjoyed my Raisin Bran, I did my online stuff, and I got ready at a nice pace. No rushing, just walked to the bus stop and got on soon after. My iPod was in a good mood too [oo oo oo] because it played me some lovely tunes and I didn't feel the need to skip any of them.

Work flew by today. It just flew. Its like I didn't even go. A fun part of screwing over Elmer which I forgot to tell you yesterday is this: we never really got along so well all summer, but after he went to the horrible old owner of the hotel two weeks ago and really tried to get me fired [the day I decided to quit two weeks later, AKA this coming Friday], I decided to start being his friend. I have started chatting with him. Joking with him. Making him feel special. This way, when I walk out the door at 2pm on Friday and he never sees me again, he will be crushed beyond repair. CRUSHED I TELL YOU.

At the end of the day [see: 6pm] I stuck around for another hour and helped the guy who has been selling bulk shipments of Crocs [see: hideous foam 'shoes'] [see: but they're very comfortable] out of the hotel basement [no lie]. I helped him pack up his displays and load up his truck. How do you pack Crocs? Well, you cram a billion pairs into a gigantic box, and then you can carry 45 of the giant boxes at once because I think Crocs actually weigh negative weight. That's right folks, step right up to pay $35 for something that is basically nothing! The boxes promote the foam they're made out of as 'The Future of Foam Technologies', but I think there's a lie in there somewhere. After this hour was over, Mr. Crockington paid me $20 for my services [see: sweet deal!] as well as a free pair of Crocs a few days earlier, and a large glass of Pepsi and vodka [see: delicious]. Then I trucked my tired ass home.

At home, Andrew was waiting for me, making supper which was SO GOOD. He made homemade hamburgers and potato salad. Yum! And apparently they were all really healthy, so that's always cool too! We watched Big Brother, which is a great way to spend three nights per week! [Go Dick and Daniele!]

Tomorrow is my last day off. I mean, I've still got 13 hours of this job left... I think I deserve a day off. I look forward to playing outside with you tomorrow!

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