Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Cottage

This post continues with my tale from the past few days, which began with The Reception.

e woke from our naps, then we layed around for a wee bit more. When late afternoon hit, we were off to Laura and Lenny's cottage! [Genevieve and Jordan being their lovely children, who are a bit older than me. Ntoe: Genevieve and I are birthday buddies]. We had a wonderful meal for supper, and Genevieve took us out on a boat ride and gave us a tour of the lake [letting us know who belonged to which cottages/houses, and what scandalous events they were currently going through]. Then we spent the night relaxing [see: drinking] around the campfire until we finally headed to bed, with Andrew, Chris and I being the last to go. Chris made me realize that of all the years I've known him, seen him, it was really the first time we've ever talked to each other more than pleasant hellos. I was shocked but realized that this was true... shocked because we were having such a great conversation all night long.

In the morning we woke up whenever we damn well pleased because its a cottage and that's just what you do. We had booze in out breakfast OJ and a wonderful meal to go along with it. Much relaxing ensued, and then at 2:30, it was time for me to take Andrew back into town so he could grab the bus back to Ottawa. We got to the bus stop for the 3:39 arrival time, and it was real nice and came at 4:45. I was so freaking angry. We sat there in the car in the heat, because we didn't want to go near the gaggle of freaks and goths who must have been on their way to a concert or some such that night.

When Andrew was gone [ending his wonderful weekend in the Ottawa Valley], I went back out to the cottage where more relatives had arrived, and we were soon joined by Natalie, Nathan, Ryan and Steve. Much fun! The drinking continued in full force yet again, and there was another wonderful supper. Then there was birthday cake due to Natalie's special day, and the night ended with several hours of Nathan and Steve playing guitar around the fire while we sang our drunk little hearts out. All the newcomers for the night went home, and it was again Chris and I awake until the bitter end of the night.

The day started around 10:30 after I woke up, freezing cold, which had been the theme of that night's sleep. We relaxed and ate coffee cake for breakfast, but there was no morning alcohol because the past three days of constant drinking had been plenty. [Did I mention that all three days I got drunk for free? Sweet!] We had amazing tacos for lunch, and then around 1:30, Genevieve left to head back to North Bay and Jordan and Chris were going back to town to mow the lawn at their house, so I decided to head back as well, although I would have been perfectly happy to stay there all week.

In the evening, Lindsay invited me to go for a walk, so I did. We ended up at Tim Hortons, where Steph was working. After about an hour, Steph came over to our booth and asked me if I had been talking to my dad. I was like 'Huh?' and she told me that he had been sitting in the next booth, right beside me, for like 40 minutes. This is exactly why I HATE the new dividing walls between the booths in the newly renovated [last summer] Tim Hortons. Luckily, I had not said anything bad about my dad or his family [which, as Lindsay noted, is normally the case]. I am SHOCKED that I hadn't heard his voice at all though... I didn't know there had been ANYONE at the booth at all!

I decided to clean my room to get rid of some of the crap I have been saving just for the pure reason of saving crap. I stumbled upon the bag of pictures and stuff that I had been saving from my trip to Quebec City three summers ago. When I came back from that trip, I started a wicked awesome scrapbook to remember the trip since it had been so fun, but it was very elaborate so I got tired of doing it and I put it under my bed. Well, I got in the mood to finish it, so I stopped cleaning my room and I worked all day to finish the scrapbook. It is 25 pages of beauty!

As you can assume, I am now tired from doing that all day, and also from typing out these long blog posts. I hope you have enjoyed them. I should be back to a regular posting schedule from now on. I am heading off to bed, but first I will include my schedule over the next few days which is filling up fast! Have fun!

Thursday - 4:00 trip to Ottawa with Lindsay to see her new house
Friday - 10:30 breakfast with Alison, 3:30 dentist appointment, 7:00 chinese buffet with Amanda and others
Saturday - 3:00 potential family BBQ, Finnigan's later that night
Sunday - find a way back to Ottawa

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