Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The O-Train

Today I had to go to Wal*Mart to purchase some items for the new apartment. For those nosey readers, here is a list of what I bought:

> Shower curtain liner [Its magnetic!] and hooks
> Strainer
> Measuring cup
> Dish soap and scrubby brush thing
> Cheese grater
> Brita jug [Holds 10 cups of water! Ooo!]
> Umbrella [Because I know I'll be walking to school in the rain at some point, and its the longest walk I've had to school in 3 years]
> Probably something else... you don't expect me to remember it all, do you?

Anyway, like I said, I was off to Wal*Mart. Now, seeing that I live right downtown... as downtown as you can get... I am far from Wal*Mart. All of them, in fact! The one at South Keys is 'closest' [Actually, the NEW! one near the VIA Rail station is closest, but who the hell knows how to get there!?]. So I planned my trip to South Keys. A normal person would take the 87 Bus right from the stop near my house, and get off right at the Wal*Mart at South Keys. I am not a normal person, however. I decided that I had a whole afternoon to kill, and boy did I ever kill it.

I walked to that same stop, close to my house, and I got on the 86 Bus, going in the complete opposite direction of South Keys. I sat in the very back corner seat, assuming that no one would sit beside me, because people generally don't fill the 5 back seats [It usually goes SEAT SPACE SEAT SPACE SEAT]. As the bus traveled down Albert St., it started to fill, which was very odd in my mind for Wednesday at 2:30 in the afternoon. It got more and more full, and some guy sat beside me, completely trapping me in the back corner of the bus. My stop was just a few past this, which was annoying. When we got to Bayview, I had to make him move which meant he had to make someone else move and then I had to shuffle through like 10 other people to get to the door and then I was basically shoved off the bus. I hate the bus.

I was off the 86 and happier already. I walked down the curving path to the O-Train platform, and I waited. It was just the second time I've ever taken the train [The first being in April with Branden].

[Me being an idiot with a gummy bear on The O-Train, April 2007.]

I got on the train, and other than having the sun blasting into my eyes, it was a beautiful ride. The train was not too full [Although it had good ridership] and the mood is very calm and relaxing. The only beef I had with the train is that the British [For some reason] automated voice was saying the wrong upcoming stop names. I would love to know why they are stupid enough to let this continue! Regardless, I got to South Keys, did my shopping, and then O-Trained back to Bayview. This was my biggest mistake. I should have passed on the luxury of the O-Train and just taken the 87 Bus. But no, I took the Train.

At Bayview, I caught the first bus that came along: The 95 Trim *horror music plays ... women and children shriek*. I forced my way onto the back of the bus, and there I stood for 20 minutes, crammed up against every person in Ottawa. I remind you that I had two shopping bags; one of which contained a pointy Brita box that was stabbing into my shin. This was by far the fullest I've ever seen a bus in Ottawa or any city, and it makes me livid that the city is still not doing anything about it.

Built in 1983, The Transitway is Ottawa's solution to public transportation. It is fast, reliable, and it can get you from Orleans to Kanata on just one bus. The buses come often. Too often in fact. It seems that Ottawa's solution to ever-increasing transit passengers is to throw more and more buses onto the Transitway. It sounds good in theory, but it is a brutal nuisance in the 10-20 city blocks that it travels through downtown. There will soon be more buses than cars in Ottawa, and it is starting to drive people insane. There have been plans to create an East-West O-Train line that would run through the downtown core, but they were canceled. Luckily, the development company has decided to sue the lovely city of Ottawa for tons of money for canceling the deal, which has lead the city to alter the route slightly and reopen talks of the new route.

I like this idea very much, but its about damn time they actually go through with it! There isn't space in Ottawa for one more frigging bus, and they can get rid of all the crappy old ones by throwing a couple trains downtown. All they need is one track [Two in a few key spots] so it will only take up a little bit of space [Or a tunnel in some cases].

[Photo stolen from]

The Walls

I can see the walls of my room, and boy is it ever depressing. 4 more days I must spend in this grey and red box. Okay, so I'm sure I wont spend all that time in here, but I'll spend a portion. They have definitely served me well over the past almost-year [sadly I moved in on September 10, 2006, and I'll be moving on the 1st of this year, so I will have lived here 9 days short of a year when all is said and done]. Last night I took down all of my random stuff, but today I took down all of my photos from my awesome photo wall: 184 pictures documenting the past 12 months beautifully. Its secondary use was to quickly point out people while I was talking about them. It was a wonderful wall, and I could easily locate everyone on it.

A run through of all the good times that The Wall had to offer:

> Summer 2006 fun with Mando and MegH
> Geography Field Camp 1
> Adam Gregory concert at the Renfrew Fair with Michelle
> The 'Welcome Michael to 39 Stewart' Party
> My first Rush mixer with Omega Theta Alpha Fraternity
> Thanksgiving in Renfrew

[A rare glimpse of Tabitha in her natural habitat.]

> Greek Olympics
> Geomorphology trip to Hogsback Falls
> Random late-night encounters at Zak's Diner
> Sigma Psi Alpha's Bunny Pub
> Omega Pledge Bench Sit
> My 19th Birthday Party

[Me with Basil and Steph.]

> Pie A Sigma Psi
> Omega Theta Alpha Initiation
> Birthday brownies with Lisa
> December 10, 2006: Michael and Mando's Awesome Day
> Pre-Christmas Boozing at Finnigan's
> Christmas [Renfrew] and New Years [Ottawa]
> Visit from Matt and Jess

[We had lunch at the Rideau Center food court.]

> Many Happy Birthdays
> Straddle My Saddle
> Pledge Night for Iota Class
> Lower Tuition Fees Rally on Parliament Hill

[My sign broke. Boo.]

> Geography Pub @ Gracie's West
> Nu Sigma Pi Formal
> Omega Theta Alpha Presents: Beerfest
> St. Patrick's Day at Saurov's
> Omega Theta Alpha Formal AND Sigma Psi Alpha Formal
> Chinese Buffet Brotherhood Event
> Ottawa Senators Playoffs Home Opener

[They won 5-3 against the Anaheim Ducks.]

> Crown Royal Texas Mickey Party
> Relay For Life in Renfrew
> Tim McGraw and Faith Hill concert
> Canada Day on Parliament Hill
> General drinkin' with Andrew and Sara
> Frances and Dave's Wedding
> Cottage Time with the DeBruyns
> One last night of Finnigan's drinking for the summer.

[Steph and I at good old Finn's]

Thank you all for 12 months of good times. There better be more to come!

Friday, August 24, 2007

The Drive

Today was fairly uneventful.

I finished cleaning my room, which didn't take much work.

Next, I busted out the sweet OLD OLD OLDSCHOOL typewriter and wrote Chris H an awesome 5 page letter on it. It took SO LONG, so it better get to Vancouver safely.

At 4ish, Lindsay picked me up along with Jacey, Steph and Rebecca F, and we all headed to Ottawa. When we hit Kanata, Lindsay had to pee VERY MUCH, and we were a good 20-30 minutes from our destination. She was literally about to burst, so I took the opportunity to make every 'you're going to piss yourself' joke that my mind could come up with. Even I was getting tired of me, but it was so funny that I just couldn't stop!

Finally, we got to her new house, and she bolted to the washroom. Strangely, she was finished really quickly, which makes me believe that she was just lying the whole time. Liar!

We were there to look at the new house [which is very lovely] because Rebecca will be moving in soon, and she still hadn't seen the place. Dane had already moved his things in [everything brand new] and had a large assortment of office supplies in a basket on his desk. I took up the task of systematically arranging every item until they were perfectly ordered. Oh yes. That's right. Ooh la la.

We hung out in the living room and chatted about where the furniture should go, and then we headed to Kanata to eat at the newest Mexicali Rosa's. The drive was strangely long and complex, so I don't quite understand how I will ever be able to find my way by bus from my place. I may never be able to visit them afterall!

The meal was good, the drive home was rainy, and the laughter was filled with happiness. Oh what a wonderful drive it was.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Cottage

This post continues with my tale from the past few days, which began with The Reception.

e woke from our naps, then we layed around for a wee bit more. When late afternoon hit, we were off to Laura and Lenny's cottage! [Genevieve and Jordan being their lovely children, who are a bit older than me. Ntoe: Genevieve and I are birthday buddies]. We had a wonderful meal for supper, and Genevieve took us out on a boat ride and gave us a tour of the lake [letting us know who belonged to which cottages/houses, and what scandalous events they were currently going through]. Then we spent the night relaxing [see: drinking] around the campfire until we finally headed to bed, with Andrew, Chris and I being the last to go. Chris made me realize that of all the years I've known him, seen him, it was really the first time we've ever talked to each other more than pleasant hellos. I was shocked but realized that this was true... shocked because we were having such a great conversation all night long.

In the morning we woke up whenever we damn well pleased because its a cottage and that's just what you do. We had booze in out breakfast OJ and a wonderful meal to go along with it. Much relaxing ensued, and then at 2:30, it was time for me to take Andrew back into town so he could grab the bus back to Ottawa. We got to the bus stop for the 3:39 arrival time, and it was real nice and came at 4:45. I was so freaking angry. We sat there in the car in the heat, because we didn't want to go near the gaggle of freaks and goths who must have been on their way to a concert or some such that night.

When Andrew was gone [ending his wonderful weekend in the Ottawa Valley], I went back out to the cottage where more relatives had arrived, and we were soon joined by Natalie, Nathan, Ryan and Steve. Much fun! The drinking continued in full force yet again, and there was another wonderful supper. Then there was birthday cake due to Natalie's special day, and the night ended with several hours of Nathan and Steve playing guitar around the fire while we sang our drunk little hearts out. All the newcomers for the night went home, and it was again Chris and I awake until the bitter end of the night.

The day started around 10:30 after I woke up, freezing cold, which had been the theme of that night's sleep. We relaxed and ate coffee cake for breakfast, but there was no morning alcohol because the past three days of constant drinking had been plenty. [Did I mention that all three days I got drunk for free? Sweet!] We had amazing tacos for lunch, and then around 1:30, Genevieve left to head back to North Bay and Jordan and Chris were going back to town to mow the lawn at their house, so I decided to head back as well, although I would have been perfectly happy to stay there all week.

In the evening, Lindsay invited me to go for a walk, so I did. We ended up at Tim Hortons, where Steph was working. After about an hour, Steph came over to our booth and asked me if I had been talking to my dad. I was like 'Huh?' and she told me that he had been sitting in the next booth, right beside me, for like 40 minutes. This is exactly why I HATE the new dividing walls between the booths in the newly renovated [last summer] Tim Hortons. Luckily, I had not said anything bad about my dad or his family [which, as Lindsay noted, is normally the case]. I am SHOCKED that I hadn't heard his voice at all though... I didn't know there had been ANYONE at the booth at all!

I decided to clean my room to get rid of some of the crap I have been saving just for the pure reason of saving crap. I stumbled upon the bag of pictures and stuff that I had been saving from my trip to Quebec City three summers ago. When I came back from that trip, I started a wicked awesome scrapbook to remember the trip since it had been so fun, but it was very elaborate so I got tired of doing it and I put it under my bed. Well, I got in the mood to finish it, so I stopped cleaning my room and I worked all day to finish the scrapbook. It is 25 pages of beauty!

As you can assume, I am now tired from doing that all day, and also from typing out these long blog posts. I hope you have enjoyed them. I should be back to a regular posting schedule from now on. I am heading off to bed, but first I will include my schedule over the next few days which is filling up fast! Have fun!

Thursday - 4:00 trip to Ottawa with Lindsay to see her new house
Friday - 10:30 breakfast with Alison, 3:30 dentist appointment, 7:00 chinese buffet with Amanda and others
Saturday - 3:00 potential family BBQ, Finnigan's later that night
Sunday - find a way back to Ottawa

The Reception

This post takes us back to Friday, August 17. I apologize for the break in my posting schedule, but now I will do a few recaps and then we will be back in business!

I went to work and did very little for 4.5 hours. At 1:30, I went around the hotel and said my goodbyes [starting with the toilet, where I gave it one last good shit. No lie.] Then, at 2:00, I walked into the office of the horrible 70 year old bitch owner's office. I took the 7 steps to her desk, I handed her an envelope. She asked what it was, and I turned, took 7 steps to the door, and I walked out of Best Western Macie's Hotel forever. I suggest that none of you fine readers ever stay there if you can help it. The Travelodge down the street is surely just as lovely and accomodating! I did of course say one last goodbye to Tracey, Wilson and Danielle, because I will miss those guys!

Note: Apparently they have replaced me with some loser 15 year old who is dense like a lead pipe. Good luck with that.

I hopped on The OC with my bag and along the way, we picked up Andrew and his luggage. Soon after, we were at the Bus Station where there were like 5 lines all mangled into one and we had no clue where to be standing, so we started our own damn line! Eventually we got on the bus, and by 5:00 were we in Renfrew in the pouring rain. That night, 25 or so people were in my house because my mom had apparently planned a family barbeque at the last minute. Fun. This left me without even one second to introduce Andrew to my mom before guests arrived, because she brought some of them with her! Things went well though, and afterwards, we joined Amanda and Michelle and we gave Andrew the Official Renfrew Tour of the Year 2007. [NOTE: The tour changes slightly each year, based on new stores in town]. I drove the tour for the first time ever [usually Amanda drives it] which was fun because I was driving my mom's new car for the first time, but it sucked because I normally speak the tour, so I was speaking and driving it, and I was quite a reckless driver that night. We lived!

We had a delicious breakfast of french toast and bacon and sausage and scrambled eggs. Then we were lazy for a while, and then at 2:00 we headed off to Pembroke to check into our hotel: a Best Western. But not just any Best Western. This was a 70s flashback to your grandmother's spare bedroom-style Best Western. THAT'S HOT, you might say. The cool kids headed on down to the Hotel Lounge to have a drink or two, and then it was showers all around before we were loaded onto the boozing bus. We got to my aunt Frances' house where there were two huge tents set up with tables, a band, another guy in a seperate location playing guitar, the garage was converted into an open bar [for 300 people, all night long]. There was also a fire pit going on, and just so you know, there were chandeliers in the tents. Fancy! The dinner was amazing. The booze flowed beautifully. The family got along swimmingly! Most importantly, people were happy for Andrew and I, and were very accepting of my newfound gayness.

To put it bluntly, it was the best night I've had in longer than I could possibly remember.

Afterwards, we got on the booze bus which returned us safely to our hotel around 2:00am. It let us off right at the hotel's front door, but every person on the bus immediately headed for the ditch... then out of the ditch, across the highway, into and out of the next ditch. Finally, we were at the Truck Stop, and we were happy. Poutine and good times were each had by all, and by 3:00 we were all back to the hotel... most of us still wearing out pants [thanks Tom... you're so classy to come to our country and then take off your pants HAHA].

Sunday morning when we woke up, we were going to go to the Truck Stop again for breakfast but the line was insane, so we headed on down the road to 17 West in Cobden. The last time I was there, the place was a shitty diner, but it has since been torn down, rebuilt and oh my is it ever nice in there! The food was good, the service was bad, and soon we were in Renfrew napping away the afternoon, until it was time to go to The Cottage...

Monday, August 20, 2007

The Weekend

So, this is just a bit of a placeholder so none of you fine folk forget that I exist. I am indeed continuing to post, but I'm in Renfrew for the weekend and I am very ultra busy. I don't have time right now to ACTUALLY post, but I will tomorrow night or the next day. I have lots of fun adventures to discuss, including my aunt's phenomenal wedding reception in Pembroke and fun fun cottage times last night and tonight [I'll be going back right after I'm done this post]. Also, Andrew meeting my family [see: massive extended family] went super well. Creepily well. I just sent him back to Ottawa on the bus though, because he has to work tomorrow.

As I said, I'm off to the cottage, but I'll be back in a day or two. Have fun!

Friday, August 17, 2007

The Letter

This morning as I ate my Raisin Bran, I typed my letter of resignation. It was morning, so I wasn't as sharp as I'd like to be when writing such a letter to such an awful woman, but I got everything said that I needed to and it perhaps saved me from saying things that could come back to bite me in the ass later.

I headed off to work, where stupid Elmer was rushing around doing all my jobs before I was able to. This was surely another of the tactics that him and Mrs. Macies schemed to get me mad and hating the job, so I'd quit, but the joke is on them because I'm already quitting! HAH [Previous tactics include: yelling at me to do jobs I've already completed, as well as creating problems, such as the two clogged toilets in the banquet rooms which were not accessible to the hotel guests overnight, and they were both just filled right up with like a roll of toilet paper each.

Also, this gave me an entire day to just hang out at the front desk and chat, and do absolutely nothing while he did everything he possibly could. Today I found out that not only will Elmer be fucked into staying late for me tomorrow night and working all weekend [his days off] but on Sunday, he'll have to go in 2 hours early to set up a banquet room. MWAHAHA. Oh how I wish I was going to be there when he found that out. That jerk.

Tonight, Andrew and I had spaghetti for supper [made by me] which was good, but not nearly as good as the vegetarian tacos that he made last night. I was horrified by the thought of vegetarian tacos, but they were SO DELICIOUS! I want more!

Alright kids, I'm off to bed now. I'm just 14 hours away from being done this crappy job forever, but first I need to sleep and then endure my final 4.5 hours of the work. As soon as I toss my resignation on her desk, I'm out of the hotel and on the bus. Andrew will get on when it gets to his work, and then we'll be off to the Greyhound station! He's coming home to Renfrew for the weekend to meet Momma, and then he'll be coming back to Ottawa on Monday, but I'll be in Renfrew for a total of ten days. I can't wait! Chat soon!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Crocs

Today was a wonderful day. I woke up an hour before my alarm, but I was the most perfect temperature ever. I easily went right back to sleep for that last hour, and then when I woke for good, I was wide awake [that NEVER EVER happens EVER!] [SERIOUSLY!]. I enjoyed my Raisin Bran, I did my online stuff, and I got ready at a nice pace. No rushing, just walked to the bus stop and got on soon after. My iPod was in a good mood too [oo oo oo] because it played me some lovely tunes and I didn't feel the need to skip any of them.

Work flew by today. It just flew. Its like I didn't even go. A fun part of screwing over Elmer which I forgot to tell you yesterday is this: we never really got along so well all summer, but after he went to the horrible old owner of the hotel two weeks ago and really tried to get me fired [the day I decided to quit two weeks later, AKA this coming Friday], I decided to start being his friend. I have started chatting with him. Joking with him. Making him feel special. This way, when I walk out the door at 2pm on Friday and he never sees me again, he will be crushed beyond repair. CRUSHED I TELL YOU.

At the end of the day [see: 6pm] I stuck around for another hour and helped the guy who has been selling bulk shipments of Crocs [see: hideous foam 'shoes'] [see: but they're very comfortable] out of the hotel basement [no lie]. I helped him pack up his displays and load up his truck. How do you pack Crocs? Well, you cram a billion pairs into a gigantic box, and then you can carry 45 of the giant boxes at once because I think Crocs actually weigh negative weight. That's right folks, step right up to pay $35 for something that is basically nothing! The boxes promote the foam they're made out of as 'The Future of Foam Technologies', but I think there's a lie in there somewhere. After this hour was over, Mr. Crockington paid me $20 for my services [see: sweet deal!] as well as a free pair of Crocs a few days earlier, and a large glass of Pepsi and vodka [see: delicious]. Then I trucked my tired ass home.

At home, Andrew was waiting for me, making supper which was SO GOOD. He made homemade hamburgers and potato salad. Yum! And apparently they were all really healthy, so that's always cool too! We watched Big Brother, which is a great way to spend three nights per week! [Go Dick and Daniele!]

Tomorrow is my last day off. I mean, I've still got 13 hours of this job left... I think I deserve a day off. I look forward to playing outside with you tomorrow!

Monday, August 13, 2007

The Worst Western

Summer jobs. I think everyone hates them. At least I hope they do, I mean mine are always crap.

Last summer was my first official summer of summer jobs. I started out working at No Frills, where I had worked during high school. It was my second go-'round, and the people were worse, the rules were more strict, and the hours were awful. By mid-July, I had had enough, and I got the hell out of there.

Jobless [stupidly, since students sort of need to be making money], I applied to TeleTech, the new call center in town, and lied to them that I was not going back to school in September. A place like that wants a lifelong commitment, which is why they hadn't hired me in April when I originally wanted them to. Idiots. So, I thought I was being all TAKE THAT! but then I kind of got fucked over. They pushed my training back three weeks, so I lost three weeks of pay that I could have been getting at No Frills. I started the job planning to not make any friends. Just get in and get out. But no... I got sucked into the fun. I either loved everyone, or else I loved to make fun of them. Either way, TeleTech was great times, and there was ALWAYS cake. Sadly, I was indeed going back to school, and I had to quit... in turn, fucking them over. Sorry guys.

So, this summer, I chose to stay in Ottawa to work [I have an apartment here, so I might as well live in what I'm paying for]. The job hunt was hard. I was supposed to be working at the Central Experimental Farm, but that didn't work out. I was applying to everything that was going to pay me at least $10, no matter what the job. I came very close to being hired by a company that made signs [which I really wanted to do] but then they were jerks and screwed me over. Then finally in the middle of June, when I was starting to get scared, I got a call from a girl named Danielle...

Danielle told me that I would be coming in the next day for an interview, and I would be hired on the spot. She was right, and I came to like Danielle. She is a completely normal human, which means she hates people just as much as I do. My job is maintenance, which has been sometimes good [I've learned how to fix things... things that I'll surely need later in life when I have a house]. It was also bad [so many of the people annoyed me, especially the owner, who is a 70 year old woman who treats her staff worse than a piece of crap that a rat vomited on. Fun! The pay was good, the hours were bad [Wed-Sun, which meant that my SUMMER OF GOING HOME LOTS! became my summer of staying put in Ottawa].

So time wore on, the hotel wore on my nerves, and now I've gotten up the nerve to start a war. [See what I just did there?] On Friday, I will be quitting. No notice, no warning, I'm just hanging in my resignation at 2pm and walking away from it. I will only be missing 6 shifts that I would have worked before the end of the summer, so its not THAT big of a hit money-wise. By quitting on Friday [in order to go home to Renfrew for a wedding and also to have a week of relaxation, which I didn't get any of this summer] I will be screwing over the hotel owner because she will have to force her favourite little worker Elmer to stay late that night, as well as work the two weekend days alone, which would normally be his days off. It will also put her at a reduced staff until she can find me a replacement. It will piss Elmer off because he will be forced to work even though it is his weekend and he already would have worked 5 days. If he DOESN'T work, then the hotel will be screwed over because each weekend, we set up a banquet room as a church and the client has been using the room every week for years. Not setting it up would be a huge disaster for them.

I am happy to do this, because as mentioned earlier, I hate the owner because she yells at us for no reason at all [my first day I way reprimanded for something the previous employee of my job had done. NOTE: 7 people had filled my position in the 3 months before me. I lasted 2 whole months. GO ME! I am equally happy to screw over Elmer, because he has periodically been trying to get me fired. According to Tracy at the front desk, he does that because even after 11 years, he is afraid that he will be fired when a new, good worker such as myself comes along. Jackass. No one tries to fire me and gets away with it!

There are some people I will miss from the hotel [I said my goodbyes to the weekend desk staff [Pam and Melissa] yesterday, and I will miss Danielle and the restaurant staff [half price food was NICE]. But overall, I will just be happy that I made enough money that I wont die this school year, and I can't wait to get back to school. Yay!

The Rebirth

Let it be proclaimed that on this, the thirteenth day of the eighth month, year two-thousand seven, my writings return to the internet for mass consumption.

For those of you who are unaware, I am the handsome fellow in the picture to the left of these very words right here. It was taken in June of this year to represent what I would look like if I was spending an evening pseudo-camping. Michael is the name, and oh boy to I ever love the internet! I mean look! Look right now! I can type things and just seconds later, every common dirtbag and/or Russian Prince can read what I have to say! And, quite frankly, who wouldn't want to? I am a wealth of knowledge [For instance, did you know that the first can opener wasn't created until 50 years after the first can? People in those days my have been pretty stupid. Don't believe me? Look HERE!].

Now. You may be wondering 'Hey, why did he title this post, his very first on this attractive new blog, The Rebirth'? Well my good friend, let me tell you right this minute! You see, the internet and I have a longish history of back and forth battling [Not unlike that of your personal favourite superhero and his or her biggest enemy. Exciting!] Anyway, this is what I believe to be my fourth blog. They never do seem to pan out very well. There have also been a couple of websites, each one used, forgotten, revamped, used, forgotten... you know the drill I'm sure. I also tried a daily video blog once, but it didn't quite work out either. I mean, do you know how hard it is to come up with something to yammer on about every single day? And do it in front of a camera? Hey loser! You're talking to yourself!

There was however one successful period of five weeks in the summer of 2004 when I sustained a blog. Those posts recount my adventures in Quebec City with the Summer Language Bursary Program. I have provided the link to that blog on the RIGHT side of this page, so you may peruse it at your leisure. Sadly, the blog was created only to serve a five week purpose, so it is no longer in use. Honestly though, I would really like someone out there to be proud of me and the fact that three years ago, I maintained a blog for five weeks. Applause would be appreciated.

In short, I am blaming you, the reader, for my failure. I believe that my Quebec City blog was successful thanks to my faithful readers commenting and participating. So I'm currently telling you, folks, that you must participate! Tell me what you want me to write about and MAYBE you will get lucky and I will.

Let's be friends!